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    defensive midfielders??

    Hope one of them is fit for the Maribor game. No Parker or Livermore yesterday and Sandro getting injured means even more chance of shipping goals. Hudd is definitely NOT a defensive minded player so who do we utilise as our cover in front of the back four? Only thing I can see is we play a fully attack minded team and hope to score more than them.

    No wine infleunced thinking now lol and no hangover!!

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    • hudd is a defensive liability as proven time & time again!

      why not try caulker in front of dawson & gallas.
      at least he is pretty mobile compared to hudd.

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      • If we can/could spare him in defence, I wouldn't mind seeing Vertghogen in a holding MF role. He seems comfortable on the ball and bringing it out of defence and he obviously knows his defending responsibilities.

        If Hudd is not a holding MF, what FFS exactly is his position/qualities?? Does he set up goal chances for fun, score goals like a Lampard, track back and help the defence or tackle like a Roy Keane? errrr nope. None of the above so what the f%$k is he doing on the park.

        What he does is jog around slowly just in front of the back 4 taking 5 yard passes and passing the ball back the centre halfs of full backs. Occasionally he hits a 40 or 50 yard ball across the pitch in an attempt to find the winger but 4 out 5 of these attempts gets cut out thus starting an attack for the opposition. He does not head the ball at all and he is awful at tackling with many of these resulting in free kicks which again puts us under pressure. Occasionally, in an effort to make it look like he is a tough MF enforcer, he lashes out at some unsuspecting player which results in a yellow card. He does not track the oppositions attacking MF's because he is either too slow or can't be bothered.

        All in all, he is a big useless lump who just takes up space in the team. IMHO of course.