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  • jimmy pearce jimmy pearce Nov 6, 2012 11:47 Flag

    defensive midfielders??

    God it's kinda sad to read that Sfer...he's one of those players I want to like and appreciate, but you're right, his game hasn't come on, and what exactly is it he does? put like you did, it's clear the answer is very little...we can get away with him as a luxury in an attacking flowing typical successsful Spurs style of game, but when things get tough, he is a liability...
    he's almost Jenas light

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    • T'Hudd's the sort of player that split opinion amongst supporters.
      I'm not sure he's as bad as the nay sayers seem to think - if he was, I honestly don't follow why Jol, Redknapp and now AVB would play him.
      I don't think he's been on sparkling form this season, but given the way the team is playing in general, at least he has the excuse of coming back from injury.
      To me the problem this season, and I think this was pointed out after the first couple of games, is that it appears with Daffy playing as the lone striker, we tend to play narrower to get the wide players closer to him, rather than relying on balls into the box.
      For a player who plays 'with' the ball - ie moves with the ball, that poses a slight problem, but for T'Hudd it's a different issue. He then misses both a strike target and wide targets.

      Maybe with AVBs alleged (has it been that different?) style of pressing play (compressed play doesn't lend itself to the 'quarter back' style IMO), T'Hudd will become obsolete. Be interesting to see what changes happen, if any, if and when Ade gets a longer run in the team. I would hope that we will see a 'wider' game.

      Someone looked at T'Hudds stats a year or so back - interesting:

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      • agreed 100% on sfer. i think its very telling he cant even be bothered to get himself fit despite being well paid to do it. no desire or commitment for the cause.

        defensively he is a liability as proven time & time again. so then u are looking at what he can do in an attacking sense. the odd long good pass is about it! he is a CM version of bentley. & thats not a compliment! both need to be got rid of!

        vert at DM. much better idea than my silly caulker 1! i forgot about vert!