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  • Why all the criticism of AVB? I seem
    to remember Harry's tactical nous coming under fire on many occasions and he had 4 years in the job not 4 months.
    As for comparing AVB's time at chelsea,to now, I don't. There, he was obviously given a remit which put a few noses out of joint, and the natives rebelled.
    The side yesterday and for some while has been badly depleted by injuries. So hopefully when all the players are available we will see a big improvement. some starters lately wouldn't get anywhere near the side if they were all fit.
    No yesterday wasn't good bvut teams like Wigan are capable of shock wins.
    Changes I would make though are Dawson for Gallas and Lloris for Friedel, and if Ade is fit I would give Defoe a rest as seems to have gone off the boil and Ade is a better team player.
    Anyway, onwards and upwards. COYS.

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    • "Lay off AVB"?

      The guy has one good season in Portugal with their equivalent of Man U then gets the call from Abramovich and the offer of loads of money and comes to the UK where he quickly gets found out to be not as good as he, or anybody at Chelsea thinks he is.

      He arrived at Chelsea with an ego bigger than John Terry's and started upsetting the senior players and thinking he could transform the team into a Barca overnight. How wrong was he?

      He is young, inexperienced as a manager and he has never played top flight football. There are not many top flight managers in the World without at least one of those skills/experience. He MIGHT be a footballing genius but until he proves that there are many that think he is out of his depth and you can't blame them for thinking that.

      I have said before, he seems to have that smug look of someone that knows a secret about football and the way it should be played that no one else knows. Unfortunately you can't blame injuries completely when he insists on playing 4-5-1 and then makes decisions like he did when taking Defoe off.

      Personally, I never was happy he was appointed, I don't rate him and since he has come out and said how well Hudd (don't laugh) has played recently, my interest in watching him and Spurs play has wained. His tactics stink. His team formation is negative (which was also the case at Chelsea by the way) and I don't think he has the dressing room on his side.

      So, "lay off AVB"? I think you have more chance of seeing Hudd play for England than that happening.

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      • Sorry venessalee but i agree with sfer AVB is never going to improve we have had some really shocking performances this season ie still no win in the Europa.

        His appointment was a huge mistake from the start the guy obviously knows nothing about english football his arrogance in constantly sticking with a 4-5-1 with defoe alot of the time isloated up front other teams defenders can breath easy knowing he is no threat if the ball does not get to him.

        I really hope levy swallows his pride admits he got it wrong and goes cap in hand to David Moyes.