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  • Nick Nick Nov 5, 2012 14:42 Flag

    Time to panic??

    It's not how the team were playing that I'm questioning though.

    It's the tactics he deploys.

    "We cant get the ball to our striker" - "I know!!!!" - "I'll change the striker"

    If AVB makes changes and we as fans can see why he made them but the player doesn't do what we'd expect them to, then that's a player not performing, not AVB making a bad decision.

    He is making bad decisions, ones no one else can understand is the problem. Not about a New style, Injuries or a Reduced depth of squad........

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    • Nick,
      But without knowing the 'reason' for the decision how can you judge?
      I'll be devils advocate - AVB has adjusted play since using Daffy up front. We play narrower - Lemmon and Bale come inside to 'get close' to Daffy. Well, that's what I've seen anyway.

      On the day, the centre was congested - so, AVB thought that by removing Daffy and putting on Ade, the service would no longer be through the likes of Sigurdsson/Dempsey only, but through more conventional wingplay - stretching the play. It also game T'Hudd a chance to hit the striker. All of that would also then allow Ade to bring Dempsey into play.

      I'm not sure that it didn't quite work, as I thought I saw Ade pick up the ball a lot more than Daffy did in the time he was on. I wasn't actually counting though.

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      • JL,

        I agree, IMO the area we are really lacking is CM, with no Dembele, Parker, Sandra and Luka and VDV leaving we simply don't have the quality to replace them.

        I agree with SB's assessment of Hudds (in another post), I wish I could put it down to him recently returning from a long injury spell, but in all honesty, I just don't think he's good enough. He simply does not have enough to his game.

        I hope Gylfi can find some better from soon, he promised so much last season and bar the odd pass he looks pretty limited thus far.

        I think AVB and this team need time and investment, time will tell and I agree that we have to be patient.

        I still cannot abide boo'ing, it does nothing other than demonstrate a lack of understanding, I know some of you may disagree but I think it is utterly destructive and senseless.