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  • JEFFALL JEFFALL Nov 6, 2012 19:59 Flag

    Time to panic??

    Evening fellow yids.
    Think we're going around in circles here gang.
    We all know that THUDD is slow and a tad overweight but would probably do a decent job in one of the other Prem teams and that Gilfi is not the polished article(yet)and to be honest i think that we bought him hoping he was going to be better than he actually looked at Swansea.
    Equally the same can be said about AVB,maybe the Chavs had got it wrong in getting rid of him too early or did they actually spot a flaw in his managerial skills that are now becoming apparent at the LANE..
    Well,one thing is for certain is,-
    That he's definately good at interviews or why else would he have got his two starting roles to begin with.
    Only time and if he's given the time will tell,(Bale springs to mind)
    Had Ade come on and scored 2 and we won the game we wouldn't be having this chat,but one thing is becinig clearer by the mo,is that Dempsey,Gilfi and Thudd are not cutting the mustard .
    Roll on January.
    ......atb jeffall.........COYS