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  • Nick Nick Nov 5, 2012 12:01 Flag

    Time to panic??

    At home, playing a lone striker who is getting no service as we have lost the midfield link and AVB's answer is to swap one striker for another??

    The crowd's reaction said it all, I have NEVER heard fans boo a substitution before en mass!

    Everyone in the ground could see what a stupid, pointless sub it was except the man doing it.

    Rednap had the tactical brain of a doormouse but even he looks like genius compared to AVB.

    And when is he going to drop Dempsey, christ he is awful!

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    • LOL
      poor toast!

    • i saw that too. i spat out my toast. either he is joking or hudd just must eat so badly!

    • Evening fellow yids.
      Think we're going around in circles here gang.
      We all know that THUDD is slow and a tad overweight but would probably do a decent job in one of the other Prem teams and that Gilfi is not the polished article(yet)and to be honest i think that we bought him hoping he was going to be better than he actually looked at Swansea.
      Equally the same can be said about AVB,maybe the Chavs had got it wrong in getting rid of him too early or did they actually spot a flaw in his managerial skills that are now becoming apparent at the LANE..
      Well,one thing is for certain is,-
      That he's definately good at interviews or why else would he have got his two starting roles to begin with.
      Only time and if he's given the time will tell,(Bale springs to mind)
      Had Ade come on and scored 2 and we won the game we wouldn't be having this chat,but one thing is becinig clearer by the mo,is that Dempsey,Gilfi and Thudd are not cutting the mustard .
      Roll on January.
      ......atb jeffall.........COYS

    • yes he does look unfit SB...or at least slow and immobile...did you see Dawson's interview on Saturday morning the other week, he was asked who was the hardest trainer at Spurs and he replied Hudd....maybe he was joking!

    • I'm not sure what people expected.
      We had one of the most successful periods in recent years and now have a new manager. I think we would have been exceedingly lucky to have just continued as before but with improvement.
      Also, it has to be borne in mind, that during the close season, we offloaded a few squad players to, what appeared to be, cut wage costs. That did not appear to be entirely AVB's doing.
      Ade was also then late signing, and suffered injuries when he did eventually sign.
      So now, we seem to be suffering from a combination effect:
      New manager
      New style
      Reduced depth of squad

      Three of those are hopefully just 'time' related - maybe even all 4 (if I misread the wage bill issue and we go back into the market to increase the squad) - so all you can do is hope that the problems aren't more deep set (ie that AVB isn't actually that good and that 1 good season in Portugal doesn't make him a good manager) and that the players will come back from injury and suite the style that AVB wants us to play.
      Surely you have to give a player a season to settle - why not the manager?
      Boo'ing the team, IMHO, is so counter productive as be worth boo'ing itself. How does demoralising a player/manager/team ever make them play better - http://tottenhamlive.com/blog/581-shout-above-the-noise.html ?

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      • It's not how the team were playing that I'm questioning though.

        It's the tactics he deploys.

        "We cant get the ball to our striker" - "I know!!!!" - "I'll change the striker"

        If AVB makes changes and we as fans can see why he made them but the player doesn't do what we'd expect them to, then that's a player not performing, not AVB making a bad decision.

        He is making bad decisions, ones no one else can understand is the problem. Not about a New style, Injuries or a Reduced depth of squad........