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  • Joe Joe Nov 6, 2012 19:23 Flag


    SB, you do make me laugh, (at times out loud)

    I am trying to be jovial, I mean no offence, please take everything I write with a shovel of salt as that is the way it is intended.

    This is supposed to be fun, please fell free to rip me a new one as I will reciprocate when possible.

    SB=15 - 2-0 ade
    Joe the deluded, glass half full, corrupter (insert evil laugh) =5- 2-1 Gylfi (please, show us what you can do)
    Faithless Berkshire Yid=5


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    • im just joking to joe! i know im negative about spurs. so i play on it.
      but i think the prediction league leaderboard proves who is the more realistic & correct!

      i cant see any of u catching me. especially when away to man city u guys put 4-0 or 6-1 to us with hudd as goalscorer!