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  • Sfer Sfer Nov 8, 2012 09:38 Flag

    Give AVB more time?

    Hi Joe,

    Sorry, had a bad day yesterday.

    I simply cannot believe that AVB, or any other serious (as opposed to some interim lightweight) manager would take the position if he knew he would not have control of signings especially knowing that most Chairmen have never kicked a ball in their lives. If that is the case then AVB knew the score. Why must it be tough taking over a team of existing experienced PL players some of whom are very highly regarded? Surely that happens every time a new manager is appointed at every club and there are plenty of examples of new managers having a very quick and successful 1st year.

    I am not saying that SAF and Moyes have not been successful - what I am saying is that SAF was appointed in a different era and if appointed now probably would noy get 5 years to win something. Moyes' "success" has been to keep Everton in the PL on limited (but not insignifcant) resources. Success of a sort yes. Obviously the board at Everton are happy with that and Moyes is a good manager and respected but what if Sheik Abu Bin Needs Emptying took over? Would they be happy with just staying in the PL then and would Moyes know how to spend millions on the right players? Who knows but attitudes and expectations would change things.

    As I said, I wouldn't mind finishing anywhere in the top half if we were playing attractive attacking football and the players were giving 100% every game. Of course I would not be happy playing like stoke and even getting 4th. By asking that you seem to be missing my point. I want Spurs to be playing attractive attacking football (and winning of course!!) but my whole point is everything in the past and now about AVB points to that not being likely.

    Another point I am trying to make is that the below par performances IMO are more about the formation and tactics deployed by AVB than injuries and the infamous "change" scenario. If I could see us playing the way Spurs are famous for, creating chances but having some bad luck or not outscoring the oposition, I would be happy to give AVB time to get that right - but they aren't are they?

    I am not as confident as you are about how well we will be playing once injuries are over and the team has "gelled" simply because even with a fully fit squad, based on the evidence so far, AVB will continue to go with tiny Defoe up front on his own and he will still play negative football and make some very bizarre substitions. Thank you for agreeing that there is no evidence that given more time at the Chavs AVB would have been a success. The fact is that the Board there saw some things they did not like, presumably thought these were too worrying to ignore (despite the huge money spent and the ignomy of being labelled hasty or reactionary) and got rid. Stupid or brave??

    So your assertion that Pool and Ar$e pay better than us and therefore can attract better players has now been watered down to some of the squad players. I don't know how much our squad players are paid compared to pool's or Arse's but I would guess there is not a lot in it and anyway, if Pool and Ar$e are indeed paying their squad players stupid money to play for the reserves, surely Spurs are to be applauded for being more sensible.

    Of course this is all academic and only time wil tell if AVB is a good manager or not. Interesting the different sides of the argument though and at the end of the day we all want the best for Spurs. I hope you are right and AVB turns into a better looking version than Old Big Red Nose.