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  • Jlock Jlock Nov 15, 2012 17:19 Flag

    Give AVB more time?

    Wot Sfer? Replying by proxy? Clever.

    I was not trying to wind anyone up. You simply made a comment:
    '...One season of success with Porto does not a PL top 4 manager make!! ...'

    The term 'top 4 team' to me means a team that regularly achieves top 4 status - ie it is a record of past achievement, and a potential predictor of future.
    The teams that fall into that then are Utd, Chavs, Woolwich, Pool and now Citeh.
    We started to get there, but I would suggest we don't quite fit the epithet - Yet.

    As for a manager - if you use the same criteria, then that limits very few managers to be judged in that category (given that Utd and Woolwich have been stable, and Citeh have only achieved it with one manager) - only Pool and the Chavs having multiple managers.

    I would say that 'arry NEARLY got there. If he'd done it this year, then I would personally have classed him as a 'top 4 manager'. But then any manager outside of the existing 4 (5) clubs managerial history can't be top 4 managers, if you use that criteria. Oddly, I would not yet class Mancini or Di Matteo as top 4 managers - they are managers of top 4 clubs, but not as yet top 4 managers.

    That then raised the question in my mind as to how can you identify a manager who has top 4 'potential'? Obviously it's not easy, or else every club would have one ('I told 'eeem we already 'ave one...' as Monty Python would say). It is also then obviously linked to the finances and ambition of the club itself. So can you have a 'top 4 manager', without having a club that already has potential for top 4?
    IE even with 'arry and what he achieved over the three seasons, could he have done the same ten seasons back?

    Is AVB 'a top 4 manager'. No. Not by the above definition - he can't be. Does he have the potential. based on current, and limited record? IMO no. Could that change by Christmas? Yes. It could start this weekend. It may not. The problem, is that 'top 4 [manager|club]' is a hindsight thing.

    If it was easy to predict, the Chavs would have had one manager over the years as would Pool and Citeh. It seems more like a lottery to me. 'Arry totally surprised me. AVB may.