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  • Sfer Sfer Nov 7, 2012 15:13 Flag

    AVB ...... etc.

    Nah my dislike for him is not the key Joe, I didn't like him before his appointment but I was prepared to give him a go. Its what he has done since that is my reason for getting rid.

    It would be "unfair"? What is fair if PL football these days? Failure is expensive and quickly cut short. It has to be otherwise the alternative is long term average which is not acceptable by many.

    Yes we sold Modric and VDV (the later was not the craeteive player in my mind that you thnk he was) but we bought Dembele and Sigurdson and yes I konw Demebele has been injured but so was MOdric at points.

    Look, if we were 5th ot 6th and we were playing flowing, attacking football with a passion and some flair I would be cock a hoop for AVB. Even if we were 10th but trying and playing well, just having some bad luck, I would still be happier than I am now.

    Its much deeper than that for me. There's something "not right" about AVB as far as I am concerned. Take our position and our points tally out of it - we are playing badly, not making enough chances, his team selection is questionable, his 4 - 5 - 1 formation does not suit us, he plays one small striker and he has made some dodgy sub decisions which reflect his negative style.

    He is going to need a complete personality transplant to change what is his fundamental philosophy and I just can't see that happening. Sorry