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  • Sfer Sfer Nov 7, 2012 15:38 Flag

    AVB ...... etc.

    You don't think changing the way we play, slow build up, 4-5-1 formation, one small striker, 2 holding MF's and negative substitutions when losing are an "experiment" with AVB's tactics?

    Only one fit striker? ADE was reported in the press only a short while ago as getting frustrated with his lack of opportunities. We have other striker options with Dempsey and a couple of youngsters that have already been bloodied in the 1st team squad. Not ideal I know but better than one lone pygmy up front.

    Injuries? Every year this crops up. Every team has injuries but they, and us, have players that should be good enough to come in and do a job. If we don't then that is the managements fault. Other teams manage so why can't we? And I am not sure we have "half the team" injured do we????

    I don't loathe AVB, just not like him and I don't love Arry either and I am not unhappy he has gone.

    We replaced Modric and VDV with Dembele and Sigurdson and Modric could just have easily been injured if he were still here plus, he was under fire at times last year for not performing. And don't get me started on whether or not VDV was a creative player!

    I don't agree Arry had to go because the squad was old and expensive. He went because he dallied with the England job and showed disloyalty - quite right too IMO.

    How do you reckon we have a smaller squad? It is about the same size as it has been for the last couple of years.

    Do you really, honestly beleive we are in with a shout of top 4? You think we will, with our current style of play and team formation, be beating Citeh, Manure, Chelski or even Ar$e or Everton or Newcastle when we can't even beat Wigan at home? Theoretically we are in with a shout of top 4 - so are half a dozen other teams.

    I didn't question your loyalty to Spurs. I questioned your loyalty to AVB.

    I think Levy has the funds (cajones I am not sure about) but would Falcao actually come to Spurs? I would be surprised. To get players like that we need to have won something or be in the CL.

    You think I don't want Spurs to do well - like you do? Of course I do and I am not castigating them - I am castigating AVB for his tactics and all the other things I have pointed out already.

    Not sure supporting a team for more years than someone else means you are more loyal lts but if thats what you want to think thats fine with me.

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    • Sfer I didn't say it wasn't an experiment just how you thought things were going wrong regarding it. We are 1 point off last season and joint 4th. I know the football is poor but I do believe we have a shout at CL with a "large" slice of luck and all winning teams need.
      We have beaten Manu, albeit with luck and grit. When could we last say that!
      According to the press, again, Ade wasn't fit when he joined us, had hamstring problems and flu after that so only 1 experienced striker.
      My meaning wasn't regarding years of support but that we should follow and support the team no matter how they're doing. I cannot for the life of me ever remember hearing the WHL faithful booing the team like now even during the relegation seasons.