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  • john john Nov 8, 2012 13:30 Flag

    AVB ...... etc.

    Why every time we lose do we blame everything on tactics? Were we complaining when we went to OT and scored three and took the game to MU for all the 1st half? Can we blame tactics for the defeat against the chavs, when the reason we lost was down to Gallas making poor clearances, not even allowing for Walkers moment of madness?. Ok, in the game's against WBA, Norwich, we made defensive changes to try and close the game and it back fired, but a lot off teams make those sort of changes when winning in the last few minutes, but AVB will soon learn we are not capable of keeping clean sheets. It seems to me AVB is trying to make the the team more compact and solid whilst still retaining our quick attacking options, but with the team keep having to change through injuries, cant get a settled side to grow to the system. It would be interesting to know what you would do, when de-foe is your only out and out striker available ( allowing that Ade has been unavailable, and needs to get match fit when he is, so cant be expected to start games ). He could of left Defoe on when he put Ade on ( and I agree I would of ) but we pushed Dempsey more forward with Ade so still had more threat up front which allowed Bale and Lennon to get wider, but it didnt work ( and might or might of if defoe was still on ) but to me that is a tactical change to try and win the game but overall the team just played poor throughout. When do we start questioning the players rather than the manager? All the manager can do is set the team up how he wants them to play, but if they dont perform, is it the managers fault, or does the players attitude have to be questioned. Why was the atmosphere so bad from the very start and like a morgue? It seemed to me that the fans couldnt wait to jump on AVB and are clearly not prepared to look at our injuries and lack of quality in the players we are having to use ( not AVBs fault ). When we get our players back and settled, and then see no improvement, then we can judge the manager at the end of the season and change if needs be, so until then patience is surely called for. For the people who dont like AVB , do you know him? Were you there at Chelsea to actually see what was being said and done? Do you know what remit Abramovic actually gave him when he signed him? Maybe he went about it to quick to soon, but he wanted to stamp his authority like any manager should, but once players rebel you got no chance, unless the owner backs the manager he employed to do the job, which Abramovic clearly didnt ( to friendly with the very players he wanted moved out ) Just some of my thoughts, and not a judgement on others thoughts, we are all fans after all said and done and want the best for our club.