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  • Jlock Jlock Nov 8, 2012 13:55 Flag

    AVB ...... etc.

    Talking lack of strikers takes us back to pre-season. Why get rid of players (let go) - such as Two Saints and Saha when you don't have replacements? Both may have been able to do a job given the injuries and squad. It would have been even worse if Ade hadn't re-signed. But that issue has been covered and I personally don't think the transfers were down to AVB.

    Tactics. I didn't think that Daffy for Ade was that bad. The end result was, but like you I could see that Ade could have changed the shape of the team and the game. It just didn't. If it had, AVB would have been a tacky-tickle genius. Now he's just seen as not knowing what he's doing as '...everyone could see we lost the link with midfield...' - but that could have been what AVB was addressing - by getting Dempsey closer and Bale/Lemmon wider. Such are decisions.
    I didn't 'like' the decisions earlier in the season to 'apparently' close up shop when we went 1 up - but again - without knowing the intention, it's difficult to judge. Maybe AVB thought the team lacked confidence, and by getting a win and a clean sheet under their belts it would have improved overall confidence for the next game. He may have had umpteen different reasons. Who knows?

    As for liking AVB. Most people make judgements on personalities without knowing them. I don't 'like' JT, Rooney, Russell Crowe, Victoria Beckham, Tony Blair, Maggie Thatcher or Daffy much for that matter. I don't know them any more than I have seen their 'personality' appear through words or actions. Don't we all make up our minds without knowing people?