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  • Sfer Sfer Nov 12, 2012 12:44 Flag

    AVB ...... etc.


    lts, Joe, Remmah

    still happy with AVB and his tactics after the Citeh game? Notice you have been a bit quiet thats all. From what I could see, having reverted back to one striker and two (if you can count Hudd) holding MF's, we were extremely poor in pretty much every respect.

    Ade did ok but was on his own trying to hold the ball up against two good defenders and waiting far too long for any support from MF. Sandro did well but seeing as he was defending most of the time and that is his job he would be expected to do ok. Apart from that, the others looked confused, dispirited and unenthusiastic. I am just glad Citeh had an off day as well otherwise we could of got a real thumping.

    Unfortunately, I can only see more of these negative tactics coming from AVB. Still want to give him more time?