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  • john john Nov 13, 2012 12:05 Flag

    AVB ...... etc.

    I didnt see the game as I watched my grandson playing in the Kent Youth cup on Sunday afternoon, so I cant comment on the game itself, but judging by comments, it was a reasonable controlled containing performance until near the end. I think most pundits can understand why he started Ade up front over Daffy, as he is bigger and can hold the ball up better. I can understand the fans wanting to start both together, but Ade would drop back into the middle and wide posistions and end up with Daffy up top as usual, which is fine if we had the players in MF who can keep the ball and feed Bale/Lennon as well as driving forward ( just like umm, say Modric ) but we dont. We have Sandro the destroyer and a slow ( in mind and body ) Hudds or an equally inaffective Livermore to set the tempo and pace of the team, so I dont see how we can expect to see the free flowing football we all love to see Spurs play. Without Modric and vdv we have very little real quality in the squad at the moment, so do we really expect us to go charging forward and getting caught wide open and getting thrashed by the top teams?. The players not knowing whats expected of them? well IMO they are well paid pros who should be able to addapt to any system and should give their all, instead off having the attitude " we dont understand how were meant to play ". Most teams adopt different formations and change as the game goes on as needs be, and I see little difference to how we line up as we did under Harry, with Ade roaming just as he did then, accept then we had a Quality, driving force in Modric. IMO we dont have any half decent flair players available who can give us what we want to see, so until we do, I dont feel we should automatically think we should be top 4 material this season. Personally, I can see Liverpool ( if they get a striker in Jan ) zooming up the league, and Everton are looking very strong this season, so a realistic finish for us with what were got at the moment is 6th or 7th IMO. When we get a full squad to pick from, then I would expect AVB to get us playing to a consistant standard, and if he cant, then I would start questioning his ability to manage in the EPL. As it happens, I would of started with Ade and Daffy and would of put naughton LB and Vertongen and Dawson at CB and gone 4-5-1 then I'd look at the bench and think s@@t how can we change things if its not going well? Sfer, what team would you of started with, and what substitutions would you make when things are not going well? It sounds to me as if the reason we lost, is because their bench had quality to bring on ( in Dzeko ) and a quality player who delivered a quality pass ( in Silva ) the very things we dont have. but to you it seems we lost because of bad tactics and subs so theres always diferent perspectives among fans. You and others may well be right about AVB and if it proves that way then I shall be the first to say so, but we're where I expect us to be at this moment in time so prepared to give him more time.