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  • Joe Joe Nov 14, 2012 22:24 Flag

    AVB ...... etc.

    I'm amazed the same discussion is still in full flow,

    It seems many of us are making the same or very similar points to those made 2-4-8 weeks ago, whats changed? what has AVB been able to change? have we had numerous more signings? people returning from injury?

    AVB is still only 5-6 months into a new job and therefore cannot be written off, we have lost key players Luka, VDV, King and depth in players like Pienaar, Corluka, Niko. We have key players injured in Dembele, Kaboul, BAE, Parker. Ade has been unfit most of the season after being colossal all last season and we have had an unsettled CM pairing due to injury.

    Yes other teams have experienced change and have had injury, but not to such key players in such key positions.

    NONE of us know who's responsible for what or what AVB has been told is expected, who's to blame for what in terms of squad strength is anyones guess! And it is only that..... a GUESS!

    We haven't played particularly beautiful football, but we had games under HR when we were equally dire, as we did under Ramos, Jol ad infinitum.

    Do not write AVB off purely because you don't like his face!