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  • John John Nov 9, 2012 09:10 Flag

    Y-Word Army!

    Peter Herbert is a self promoting wangr.

    I hope Spurs fans all go out this weekend and shout it to the roof tops. Lets see if Herbert tries to get them all arrested.

    If he is that wrapped up in negative words being used in this manner may I suggest he starts by getting all black rappers to stop using the N word in all their songs. Lets see how that flys.

    Oh and for Joes benefit.

    'Up The Arse!'

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    • "We'll sing what we want, we'll sing what we want, we're Tottenham Hotspur, we'll sing what we want".

      Believe you me John, at WHL and at City last weekend we were pretty vocal in response to this whole furore. Without a doubt it's made us all the more determined not to let him, Baddiel or anyone else stop us using the Yid word (I will not cop out by saying Y-word!).

      I have to say I find Baddiel to be somewhat of a hypocrite considering he castigates us while supporting a team whose fans regularly make hissing noises when they play us. Being part Jewish myself I have nothing against the word, except when it's used in an offensive manner - which clearly is not the case when we chant it.

      The Met Police have said the won't arrest or prosecute anyone using it. Despite Herbert's threat to make a complaint if we continue to use it after 20 November, I'd like to see how the Police would cope if they were to arrest upwards of 30,000 fans at WHL.

    • John,

      I honestly believe some people must look for things that offend them in-order to have something to whinge about, IMO Herbert needs to reflect on what's important in this world, then he may realise he's a moaning old git!

      John, we are not interested in knowing your sexual preferences!

      This is a Board for Gentlemen and Ladies, don't you know!


      P.S. what are your thoughts on Wenger whinging about Wilshire's England call up? Isn't it he who selected him to play 3 games in 7 days?! Or is it acceptable if he gets injured due to Wenger selecting him, but not if England do?!