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  • Joe Joe Nov 9, 2012 15:06 Flag

    Wot?! No Comments On Haribo?

    Formations are a funny thing,

    In my experience there is very little difference in playing a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-5-1 or sometimes a 4-4-2. The instructions that the players are given and their natural tendencies often override a set formations as players react to what is happening around them, maybe that's just the teams and players I have played for and with.

    I was really happy to see Ade and Defoe start together and how well they complimented each other, I'm sure I saw Defoe passing the ball, maybe I'm mistaken, but the interplay between Bale, Ade, Defoe and Lennon was wonderful. And despite being much maligned (including by yours truly) Hudds pass to set up Defoe's final goal was lovely, in fact the build up play for that goal was beautiful to watch.

    Obviously Defoe played really well and took his goals superbly, return of the flying Weshman! how many times could Maribors rightback have been booked? I counted at least 5 fouls on Bale alone. Ade looked a real handful, right on cue, when you consider we have the Citeh and the Goons, neither of whom are in great form! I bet he's raring to go!

    I was particularly impressed with Carroll, he looks like he will become a really good player, obviously I'm biased, but he looked calm and controlled at all times and was linking the play so well! really encouraging!

    I think with the injuries we have to our CM options then Ade and Defoe should and will start. None of our fit CM options are in the same form or IMO of the same quality as Daffy or Ade.

    For Citeh I'd start:


    Walker Dawson Caulker/Gallas Naughton

    Lennon Sandro Vertonghen Bale

    Ade Defoe

    IMO this way we utilise the best 11 player we have at our disposal and we we don't ask Hudds to try and perform any kind of defensive duties against some of the best attackers/creative players in the league.

    No Sandro and I'd start Vertonghen and Hudds in CM, maybe with Ade on the pitch Hudds pasing would be more effective and Defoe can play off Ade.