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  • JEFFALL JEFFALL Nov 9, 2012 20:51 Flag

    Wot?! No Comments On Haribo?

    AT LAST.
    AVB plays 4-4-2 at home and although it was against a weaker opposition than we might normally find in the PL,it was great to see Lennon and Bale getting down the wide areas and doing what thier best at.
    Bale looked like he was really enjoying himself and VERT looked like he was having an easy night with OUR CAPTAIN Daws along side him doing what he does best,and that is playing true grit football and not worrying if he's got some sh1t haircut or parading about in super alluminus boots that obviously makes you a star in the EPL.(PHEW).
    Anyway,thoroughly enjoyed the game and was pleased to see Daffy get his hatrick,with goals taken with sublime skill.
    Thought Ade looked a bit frustrated at times,but would have liked to see him score to prove that he and Daffy can definately become a duo that would scare the pants off most.
    Sadly Dempsey brought nothing to the game IMO and maybe would have been better off at LIVERPOOL or even staying at fulham,but you can't blame him for not trying to better himself.
    I think AVB will revert back to 4-5-1 for the MC game as they have too many attacking midfielders,though this is one which the THUDD should be on the bench for(too slow).
    Anyway fingers crossed and all that.