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  • I think I must watch different games - this is from the Spurs web site - it is a quote from AVB with regard to the match:
    '...“The players showed real desire, we believed we could get something and in the end it was disappointing,” reflected Andre.

    “We looked sharp in the first half and defensively we played well. We could have done a little more with the ball but we improved that in the second half and at the moment we were finding gaps and spaces, that’s when we conceded. That put us on the back foot.

    “That goal was important because we were looking comfortable with the ball and it gave them the extra impetus to attack us.

    “We tried to adapt and hold onto the result but we couldn’t in the end. I look back at the game and certainly making it 1-1 was key for them.”....'

    Real desire? Finding gaps? Looking comfortable?

    That isn't what I saw - I know we all see things differently, but AVB's view seems diametrically opposite.

    What I seem to see is like a team of schoolkids who have been given a way of playing that they don't understand. They know that they need to be in certain positions, but not quite what to do when they're there.
    I don't recall seeing us string more that three passes together more than a half dozen times in the whole game and when we did it seemed to be between two or three players who had no where to go. No passing, no movement.

    AVB still needs time, but I wonder what Levy's 'progress points' are as to me we seem to be moving backward. The opening game against Toon was relatively OK. Then it appeared to drop to not being able to play for more than a half a game. The last two games, the whole game has been poor. To me it's the manner of the performances that is the most worrying. A flair team with no flair - is that a side effect of too rigid an approach?

    The past few seasons (since and including Jol), I hadn't worried about playing the 'big' teams, as I thought we were always in with a chance - both home and away. And apart from the Woolwich game last season where I thought we were awful, I thought we've been there or there abouts.

    I'm not looking forward to the Woolwich game next weekend. I hope AVB proves me wrong and at least gets a performance from us.

    As opposed to what would be acceptable this season, what do you think would make it unacceptable for Levy to continue with AVB and what are the cutoffs?
    I would say that Levy would go for dropping out of the Europa and being either below mid way or so far off sixth in way of points as to make Europe (Cups aside) out of bounds - at Christmas. 17 points now, 8 games to half way - 30 points by Christmas surely has to be a minimum, and still being in the Europa? Or is Levy more impulsive than that and just works on gut feelings?

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    • I think Spurs need a 'whip' or at least a party line, as Steve Caulker doesn't seem to agree with AVB's assessment:

      "In the second half we started to drop off with their pressure, they kept going and scored two goals in the end.

      "They are a strong side and we can take a lot of pride in that performance, especially in the first half. We'll try to bounce back in the North London derby next week

      Maybe I misunderstood AVB's comments, but I thought he was saying that we started ok in the 1st half and got better in the 2nd (ie did more with the ball and found the gaps and spaces).