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    The Lane Tour

    first chance i have had to talk about this i recently went on a tour of White Hart Lane kindly bought for me as a prezzie from the missus.

    and i must say it left me scratching my head abit when we went into the home dressing room there was white boards and tv monitors everywhere these apparently where put in at the request of AVB because we were told he is a strict tatician and anylises every minute of the game to get his tatics right, well if this is the case how come we are not top of the prem? and how come Arry did so well if he didnt have theSE aids?

    So it begs the question is AVB THE RIGHT MAN FOR SPURS?

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    • Different styles.
      It's like Star Wars. AVB is learning to be a Jedi - but he is going by the book, he knows all the technical data about his light sabre, the feet movements required. But he hasn't yet learned to bolt it all together as a whole. He wants his players to play by the book so they can be interchanged - each knowing what the 'role' entails.
      'arry on the other hand was intuitive. He knew the game. 'Understood' the game. He trusted his players to know the game. He 'felt the force' and expected his players to do the same.

      I was going to then make the link between AVB and the Dark Side, but I thought that took the analogy too far......;-)!

      It's a bit like knowing what music is, what notes the keys on a piano represent, but not having the flair to play the piano like a maestro.

      I'm not saying 'arry was a master there - just that to me, that is the difference between 'arry and AVB. Intuition vs technician.

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      • i get what your saying john but if this is the case with AVB then why was he employed?

        Surely if you was in Levy's shoes you would want the best man for the job? the right candidate to take the club forward?

        Think about it you had just got rid of fan favourite Arry who gave your side its best finishes in the prem ever got you into the champions league for the first time.

        Then you axe him and bring in AVB that didnt achieve anything with a club that had more money then your club and better players and then he gets sacked.

        Arry on the other hand had nothing anywhere near the kind of money to spend that AVB did but Arry's results are better than AVB's Arry didnt have all the fancy screens or white boards he got the job done with a whisper in there shell like and a pot of jellied ells lol.

        Seems strange that a man like AVB who pays so much attention to detail in the technical area of the game but still gets it wrong time after time he is supposed to be a master tatician but refuses to budge from the lone striker system that clearly does not work.

        Kinda like getting rid of Yoda and bringing in a Ewok IMOH to use your Star Wars Analagy John.