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  • Jlock Jlock Nov 13, 2012 09:09 Flag

    England - How do they pick the squad?

    As an aside, I see T'Hudd has been called up to the England squad. Now I like T'Hudd, but I don't see how that works given his form this season. I just don't think he's done any where near enough to warrant that. Lemmon there - fine, maybe even Daffy - but I don't see that any other English players at Spurs warrant a call up based on this season's form.
    But then Wilshire was drafted straight back in.

    Are players then picked on reputation rather than current form?

    I suppose it does show again though that we all see things completely differently. All the recent Spurs managers seem to like what T'Hudd does or at least lends to a team, and now Hodgson as well gives him the nod so obviously sees something in him.

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    • theres always been average players getting called up.
      we have had jenas & hudd who arent international quality.

      jay boothroyd, kevin nolan, leon osman, etc

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      • The dearth of quality players able to be called upon to play of England is sad to see.

        Seems like club before country prevails in today's mercenary world of football.

        Shame the FA can't go down the route of rugby and cricket and have players on a central contract thus ensuring they're available for selection. But that's a can of worms I doubt anyone would want to open ...

      • That's fine, and I can understand it if the player is going through a relatively good patch for his club (years back with Jeffers, Nugent maybe), but even an ardent T'Hudd supporter would find it hard arguing that he's in a good/great vein of form. But like Wilshire, he's suddenly back in the club squad after a long layoff, and then gets a call up to England. Odd what Hodgson has seen.
        I possibly could have understood him getting a call a couple of years back before he had the injury, and maybe, if he gets pitch time after we get the injuries back, he may warrant it again. But I don't see it now.