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  • JEFFALL JEFFALL Nov 17, 2012 20:45 Flag

    Lightening struck TWICE ... 5-2 ,,,,, 5-2

    Thought AVB got it almost spot on apart from Hudd.

    Up untill the sending off, i thought we were slightly the better team, 1-0 up, a goal disallowed and Lennon missing narrowly,and you could almost hear the arse fans pooing thier pants.
    Then Ade goes and fcuks it all up with a stupid challenge in an area that was threatening nothing.(stupid boy),and this was the catalyst for the arse to attack.
    Fair play to AVB for the changes and i thought we looked totally up for a fight back.but when your'e 3-1 up you can afford to soak up a bit of pressure and with only 3 at the back you can always get caught out.
    The arse scored 3 sh1t goals but at the end of the day as long as the ball hits the back of the net is all that cares.
    Gallas was poor again and gave the ball away far too easily for me and surely AVB must start to realise that DAWS is a far better CB than Gallas(when will the penny drop?).
    Carroll done well when he came on and showed desire to get into the game and along with his pace proved much more worthy than Hudd in the middle.
    Sadly Dembele looked average again and apart from 1 moment of note,his lack of pace and skill brings nothing to the game,not sure if SIG was available but for me he would have been a far better choice.
    Anyway a decent performance from 10 men and look forward to meeting them at the LANE.
    PS as for little frakus with BALE and WILTSHIRE i would be happy to pay good money and go and watch Bale punch 10 bale's of sh1t out of the little fcuker.Every time there was an incident, he was there moaning,-maybe he's suffering from small man little dick syndrome.
    Chins up.......COYS....SPURS ...FOREVER Jeffall