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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Nov 19, 2012 13:28 Flag

    Lightening struck TWICE ... 5-2 ,,,,, 5-2

    Bow to pressure from who? The trash rags? The fans? Isn't one of the oft quoted failings of AVB that he's so arrogant he refuses to change his beliefs and systems for anyone?

    I don't think it's anything as schoolboy as either of those reasons; I think it was a different game and he played it on it's individual merits. I think he knows Ade tend to perform against his ex-clubs and Dempsey hasn't been doing that well recently, so dropped one, brought the other in, and played the formation to suit the players playing. I think he also knows that the atmosphere of the derby means it will instinctively be more attacking than a 'normal' game, so suits an additional forward - I don't think any of this is unexpected.

    I couldn't watch the first 25 mins so followed on the BBC's min by min, interestingly (I think, anyway...) it sounded on that like Hudd was in the middle of a lot of the key plays, but when I arrived the people watching the match hadn't really noticed it. I'm not sure why that might be - there are certain players I think can be overlooked/not noticed when they're doing a good job, but you can't really miss Hudd's hair, and he's not a player like Bale who the mbm-ers seem to big up unless he's having an absolute stinker, it's bizarre.

    I accept AVB went too far with his post-match comments - if we ship 5 goals when we're "in control" I dread to think what happens when we're not! - but I took the majority to mean that we really went for it and we *could* have had a different result on another day yada yada yada, not we deserved the win - as I said, if the Bale effort had gone in (apparently it was about 70 mins not 60 as I said before) it would have been a different game, I reckon we'd have at least got the draw. And what point would there have been in vilifying Adebayor? He made a silly mistake, it clearly wasn't intentional and he clearly instantly regretted it, what's the point in him rubbing salt in the wound? Is that going to build a team spirit or keep a confidence striker in form?

    Yeah, it's a lousy final score, but I really don't see how the manager can be blamed for that. Adebayor aside, I also think it's pretty difficult to single any player out of criticism, there were some mistakes made by most players - for example, Vertongen generally had a great game, but pretty sure (my memory's hazy now) he made a mistake which led to one of the Arsenal goals. I'm not going to jump on him for that as he was generally brilliant, but it happened and that's not down to AVB or any of the players who seem to have been singled out as whipping boys.

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    • I tend to agree, Ade has been fit to start 3 matches so far this season, and started 2 with Daffy, so as AVB has stated, he will use both options of playing the two, or one up front depending on the opposition. Some people need to look at the fact Ade hadnt played since the end of last season, and then got injured, so I dont understand where their coming from, when they say we should play with two up front. Dempsey is pretty much the same in that he didnt get much pre-season in at Fulham, so besides the fact he is playing out of position trying to fill the one behind the striker, he hasnt looked up to speed and match fit so far IMO. Apart from the Wigan game where we were absolutely rubbish from the start, I can see reasons for how we have played and the substitutions made in certain games, that havent worked out, but done with an aim.
      AVB's comments sounded like the ravings of a lunatic, but like a lot of " foreigners " trying to put things in an english context, it was probably meant that we were in control at the start, and in the second half, it could be argued that we were the most offensive side, with Arsenal content to just keep the ball and hit us on the break, which they did twice, but by doing so in reallity, they controlled the game once they went 3-1 up.

    • Pressure from anywhere! The fans, papers or maybe the board - thats not the point. The point is that he played two up front after much talk ( in lots of places) that we weren't going to win games with one striker. Don't get me wrong, I am gald he went with two strikers, but my point was - why?

      If Adebyor has been injured for so long, as some people keep saying, although I am not sure I have ever heard AVB or Adebyor say it, why is it that the papers were reporting that Adebyor was not happy about being left out of the side? Surely if he was injured he would know why.

      Aprt from the Gallas over Dawson and Hudd over anybody questions, I am happy that he tried this style of play - did he do it out of choice tho?

      AVB saying Adebyor has nothing to apologise for says to every other player "if you get sent off for a reckless tackle don't worry about it" which is so wrong on so many levels. I do feel a bit sorry for AVB as we had a real chance of beating Ar$e away and that would have been a real coup for him but at the end of the season the record book will say Ar$e whooped us 5 - 2.

      When Whinger heard what AVB had said about us controlling the game I bet he could hardly stop himself from laughing as most independent people were doing. If he wants to be taken seriously he should know that sort of silly talk is going to have the opposite effect. It just gives the doubters, like me, more reason to think we are right.

      The style of play and some of the sub decisions AVB has made so far has done nothing to make me think he is the man for us. Quite the opposite. But we shall see won't we. If he proves me wrong then we will have had a great season and I will gladly eat humble pie. On the other hand I will take no pleasure in being right as that would mean we are somewhere in the PL I do not want to see us.

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      • i agree sfer. lets hope avb proves us both wrong.
        id love that!

        as u say, im not going off just results. im looking at the long term. i just cant see him taking us far. he doesnt seem to have a long term plan anyway.
        its all chaotic, flakey, make it up as u go along, 360 u-turns & illogical.

        the scary thing is we are quite lucky to have as many pts as we do!

    • And to be clear, I am referring exclusively to the team and management's performance in this match - I wanted to consider it in isolation as fans opinions are so divided at the moment that I think a lot of opinions of matches etc are being formed by pre-held opinions (generally, not just on this board), so I wanted to think about just this match.

      Actually, I said I couldn't single any players out, but does anyone know what role Lennon was meant to be playing in the second half? We presumed wing back, but (at least for the second half of the second half) he seemed to be AWOL - at one point I watched him exclusively and he seemed to be hanging around pretty near the back, but not really getting involved or defending. It almost looked lopsided, with Bale playing more of a winger role and Lennon playing RB - do you think that was intentional to try & cover Podolski and Cazorla?