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  • Robert Robert Nov 20, 2012 19:22 Flag

    Aint to Bad

    Obviously everyone has their way of interpreting performances but ultimately it is the league stats that count and on that basis the team are playing at the same level as last year - and the main point is, I think - with a less talented playing eleven.

    Given that we all make mistakes ( and I agree with you that AVB has made some) I think he's doing a good job at the moment. In fact given that Harry Redknapp had Modric and VDV at his disposal, I think AVB's performance is demonstrably better than Harry's.

    I think you have to give people a reasonable amount of time doing a job before you can asses there worth.

    Spurs are not going into the championship any time soon.

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    • Can't argue with the stats point of view. If we are in a reasonable position come the end of the season many fans will be happy with that. For me its also about how we get there.

      I don't like the way AVB sets the team up and asks them to play - its too negative and that has never been something you could accuse us of. Even at home against Wigan when a goal down he stays negative. How can you say that he compares well to Arry in that sense?

      Whilst Modric was undoubtably a talented player he was accused of not trying at times (maybe due to his heart being somewhere else) and he was injured for parts of last year so he was not available for chunks so you can't say the team has changed that much and as someone that did not rate VDV I would not say he is a loss at all. "AVB's performances are demonstrably better than Arry's" - don't see that one little bit Robin and if it were true why would so many fans be upset and angry and want AVB out? It doesn't make sense. If he was doing better than Arry 99% of the fans would be delirious.