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  • Robert Robert Nov 19, 2012 21:01 Flag

    Aint to Bad

    At the moment we are three points down on the same fixtures last year. This doesn't include the Reading and Southampton games both of which we won (remember we lost at Bolton and drew with Sunderland in the away games - so if you included these as equivalent then we would be 2 points up compared to last year).

    Given the injuries at the moment and the fact that we had Modric and VDV last year - as I say - it aint to bad.

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    • You are of course absolutely right Robin. If you look at where we are position and points wise it ain't too bad. But its not the position or points tally that has some people worried.

      Its the way we are playing, team selections, formations and style, weird substitions and strange tactical decisions that have people worried.

      Its not so much now that worries some, its the future. AVB, having never proved himself anywhere (most people discount that short period at Porto as "proved success") is an experiment and to many, its an experiment that either we should not have entered into or should get out of quickly to avoid disaster.

      I have made my thoughts on it as clear as I can. I don't think AVB is a good manager and I would take the short sharp exit route rather than the - in my eyes - inevitable long slow painful route which keeping AVB would be.

      As we have said many times, only time will tell but for me the signs do not look good. I hope my doubts prove unfounded.

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      • Obviously everyone has their way of interpreting performances but ultimately it is the league stats that count and on that basis the team are playing at the same level as last year - and the main point is, I think - with a less talented playing eleven.

        Given that we all make mistakes ( and I agree with you that AVB has made some) I think he's doing a good job at the moment. In fact given that Harry Redknapp had Modric and VDV at his disposal, I think AVB's performance is demonstrably better than Harry's.

        I think you have to give people a reasonable amount of time doing a job before you can asses there worth.

        Spurs are not going into the championship any time soon.