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    Don't need to be bad....

    at managing Chelsea. NOT just AVB but who ever you are!!
    Win the CL and FA cup but RDM sacked straight after their 3-0 loss to Juve.
    Would I like that way of running the club at WHL? NO it's bad enough having all the manager's we've had under ENIC. Shame we haven't had any manager capable of those pieces of silverware. Maybe this one, given time might just doo the job.
    Fingers crossed COYS

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    • JL,

      Marin ordinarily plays wide left or behind the striker(s), He may convert to a CM, he does have many of the same attributes as Luka, who when we signed him preferred the same positions as Marin.

      Hence the reason I always felt Luka's goal/assist record was acceptable, as he was dictating the play rather than making the final pass or scoring the goals. IMO he is the most significant departure and learning to play without someone of his calibre will take time.

      The biggest issue with trying to sign anyone from the chavs is that they will almost certainly try there best to pry Bale/Walker/Ade from us!

      I'd rather we target Ibrahim Affaley of Schalke, formerly of Barca, he is a superb player and would IMO fill a luka shaped hole! Alternatively Moutinho would also work, but may ring Levy pockets dry in the process! Dig Deep Daniel!

      So who's on your January shopping list?


    • Didn't Modric play 'out of position' (ie not in his final role for Spurs) when he arrived - and wasn't that one of the bits that 'arry tweaked?

      From what I saw of Marin on the couple of times I saw him play, he looked to have the same sort of attributes as Modric. Quick with his feet, good on the ball and with an eye to a pass.

    • i get your point. but equally do u just keep a manager on who isnt taking u foward just because of a lack of time.

      more time doenst automatically mean they will do better.

      im refering to avb not di matteo.

      for example if we keep AVB on for a few years and end up going backwards. it would be hard for me to accept that it was the right thing to do because every manager needs a lot of time!

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      • I don't think it's about a 'lot' of time. It is about enough time.

        If you employ a plumber to change a tap, then you have an idea as to how long that may take - give or take issues (stop cock doesn't work etc). You allow enough time. You don't kick him out after 10 minutes if it's not done.
        If you employ a plumber to fit a central heating system, you allow more time. You don't kick him out after a day or two.

        The question has always been 'how much is enough time?' in the case of AVB? Levy will have his own ideas and only he and the board knows AVB's short and long term remits (ie was it to restructure the team with youth, was it to win the Europa this season and CL next, was it...).

        So without knowing what Levy has asked him to achieve and when, it's difficult from outside to judge what is enough time.

        BUT, again, Levy will have his 'trapdoor' limit. IE the low point at which the floor beneath AVB disappears. I would guess that Levy would see an exit from Europa and a subsequent low position at Christmas as being a major problem for the club financially.