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  • Joe Joe Nov 27, 2012 17:24 Flag

    Back? For how long

    Yes JL!

    Yahoo need to sort themselves out! I made sure I sent feedback through the 'Message Board Help' on a daily basis!

    I wonder if one day this will just cease and our literary sparring circle may cease forever more!? I've looked at other boards and they just don't seem quite the same!

    I have mixed feelings about the weekends performance, If Bale's early effort (and what an effort) had squeezed under the bar, I think we would have steamrollered them, as it happens it took an equally beautiful move and goal from our pocket nugget poacher to kick start us! What a goal take a bow Daffy!

    I must admit to always being a little undecided on Defoe, but the variety of his goalscoring this season and his consistently improving link up/passing play has been encouraging, where would we be without him? Whilst on Daffy, why would he want to join QPR? HR didn't exactly fancy him last season did he? why would Daffy risk joining him at QPR when he appears to be in AVB's good books?! £££££££££ maybe that'd do it?

    Again I though Sandro was colossal he's consistently on of my faves and seems to offer a lot more than the energy and work rate of Scotty P! I hope his injury isn't too long term.

    Bale looked unplayable at times, we will struggle to hold onto him past next summer!

    Finally a performance form Dempsey, about time too! maybe he's a prime example of why all new appointments need time!? Maybe that was a one off and he'll be average again forever more?!

    I'm pleased AVB seems to have decide on Lloris, IMO he represents our future and is looking better every game, IMO he got us a point against Lazio and looked sharp and alert against the spammers.

    Delighted to see Dawson getting a start and the captaincy, hopefully AVB will realise how valued he is. Mind you, if QPR offer us £10mil in Jan, I'd take it (soz KM) IMO Vertonghen, Kaboul, Caulker are all equal to or better than Daws, who for £10mil could be improved upon! (is that too harsh?)

    Delighted to see Moussa D come striding back, the way that guy breezes past people is great to watch, when we get to see him play in a 4-4-2, with Sandro, Bale, Lennon, Daffy and Ade, I think we will all feel a lot better about the way we're going and how we're getting there! in the mean time we need to strengthen in Jan, as having those 6 available at the same time may be a rarity.

    Finally, the abusive (racial?) chanting from the spanners. There is no doubt it is highly offensive to many and I cannot imagine a scenario where I would participate in such behaviour, in fact I'd be embarrassed and appalled if our fans were ever involved in something similar or as unilateral. Yet, I call my fellow spurs fans Yids, I say it with pride, am I part of the problem here? does referring to each other as Yids mean we have to accept the abusive, anti-semetic crap that the tiny fascist minds of west ham and rome choose to throw at us, or can we continue to own the label Yids and condone those who chose to abuse us due to historic Jewish connections??

    I pity those Jewish West Ham fans (of which there are many) they must be so ashamed by their fans actions this weekend.