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  • Yes JL, I had lots to say at the weekend but, senior moment, I've forgotten most of it. lol. Enjoyed the highlights I saw, was pleased for Dempsey in particular. Having sooo many nightmares up till now. Hope it continues, good performance from MOTD seems AVB MAY have got things working as he wants. Really hope things go well for the near future. COYS

    PS I won't be around for a while off to have a new knee tomorrow.

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    • agreed with most of what u say joe.

      dempsey linked up well & i still feel he will be a decent signing for us.
      im not really worried about him not doing it for us. im worried sig wont do it for us thou.

      defoe again, just keeps proving the doubters wrong. no matter how many different types of goals he scores (as highlighted by shearer on MOTD2.but hey what does he know about goalscoring!), people will still say he is just a tap in merchant.
      i gurantee less than half his goals will be tap ins.
      imagine if harry played him more last season.
      we would have got 3rd easily.
      but he prefered VDV taking the ball off kaboul!

      great to see dawson back. he played really well. i still prefer him to gallas.
      but i agree, 10m is too good to turn down.
      also dawson is so physical so he is always 1 akward landing or fall away from another long term injury.
      but il be happy if no 10m+ bids come in & he stays!

      sandro is amazing! my fave spurs player, even ahead of defoe!

      bale was good again. sad to see him go in the summer (inevitable!)

      i too didnt think we played that well.
      the 1st half was lacklustre.
      still missing that quality in the middle when relying on hudd as the playmaker.
      he was awful again!

      good to see dembele again. lets hope he stays fit as we need him badly.

      the way we are playing id be happy with 3pts from the next 2 games.

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      • Evening fellow Yids.
        Just wanted to say Hi,missed reading all the posts and sometimes adding my two penneth,but sadly there's nothing you can do when YAHOO suddenly decide to FCUK UP AGAIN, at least the b4stards could appollogise or something,thats twice now in a couple of months but at least i knew to just wait for it to come back.(happy days).
        Agree with most of whats been said about the game but can't understand why you don't watch the highlights on football first as you get about an hour of the game.
        Still not certain about Dempsey though,he seems slow on the ball and struggles with our pace and unless he turns in some really good games,i for one would sell him back to Fulham in Jan as i'm sure they need him more than us.
        As said,nice to see Daws back and hope that CAULKER doesn't gift too many balls that led to the spammers goal,i know he's young and still learning but mistakes like that are often costly as we all know too well.
        Anyway,nice to get back too winning ways and hope we can replicate it against the Pool tommorow.
        GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL........COYS.......Jeffall.