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  • john john Nov 28, 2012 13:29 Flag


    SB=19-2-2 suarez
    Remmah=12=2-1 defoe
    joe=8-1-1 Bale
    Berks Yid=5

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    • At this stage any line ups are purely speculative, but I see 2 possible concerns:

      1 Huddlestone isn't good enough and a CM 3 of Gerard, Sahin, Allen will run him ragged, so I'd drop him.

      2 IMO Vertonghen is our best defender/tackler, yet his footballing brain and ability would allow him to play in midfield, also he's not the quickest.

      So I'd drop Huddlestone and start Vertonghen in CM next to Sandro , which would allow Sandro slightly more freedom and would put Liverpool CM trio under more pressure. Naughton is lightening fast, so I'd start him at LB to try and nullify Sterling.

      If Dembele is fit enough to start then he and Sandro would always be my first choice CM pairing, but could he play in Dempseys role behind Defoe?


      Options are varied, as are your opinions I'm sure! lets have em'?!


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      • talking too yourself again joe about the possible line up!

        i agree about hudd. theres no point playing him unless its port vale at home!

        yes i reckon dempsey could do no worse but vertoghen would be a better shout. as u say, naughton can slot in at LB.

        well i hope demebele is fit as he has been very good & we havent lost with him in the team yet!
        we need him badly at the moment.

        id settle for 3pts from the next 2 difficult games.

        im worried we will be 1-0 down & avb will take off defoe again!

        sky should have picked this game over wigan v city,

      • I dont see Pool's threat coming from MF, Im more concerned about their pace out wide. With Sterling and Johnson on the right, and Enrique on the left, so a bit concerned about Vert at left LB for this one. I think I would put him CB because I can see Suarez taking advantage of Daws wholehearted strongman play, and going down at the slightest touch. Naughton didnt look at all good in his last game, but think his pace would be more benificial in this game.