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  • Joe Joe Nov 29, 2012 11:10 Flag


    I can't agree with the 'Independents' then. I certainly don't think we were lucky, the second half wasn't comfortable, but it was good to see Walker have a decent game, he's looked off the pace a bit prior to last night.

    Bale has been playing well and without him we are without one of our most potent attacking threats, but we have other attacking options. Without Suarez, Liverpool seem to be completely toothless. So they had more possession and made more passes (sideways and backwards?) they had no penetration. Suarez and Sterling are the only players capable of beating a man, whereas we have 4/5 players (Bales, Lennon, Defoe, Dembele) who can do just that. Could that explain why Liverpool had a high pass rate? because they are passing between themselves, rather than taking a player on and beating them??

    Bale was the biggest difference IMO.

    Other than that, I don't think there was much in it, we started so fast Liverpool couldn't keep up, IMO Sandro completely dominated the midfield in the first half, by the time they started playing they were 2 down and trying to contain Bale who was just awesome, its no wonder he looked knackered after 60mins the man doesn't stop running, is there a more dynamic midfielder in the league at the moment? Again Dembele looked class, he's such an important player for us and IMO offers as much as Luka did, hopefully he will continue to improve.

    The second half belonged to Liverpool.

    Dempsey looks like he's trying to prove a point, but needs to remember he in a team and cannot do it all, Sig was a little disappointing! why bring Hudd on at all? 5 mins isn't worth while, is it?

    Not a top draw performance but enough!

    I was seriously disappointed with Gerard, Dembele's tackle was sublime and Stieve should have acknowledged it. Not good stieve!

    Just in case anyone missed MOTD: