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  • Joe Joe Nov 29, 2012 11:26 Flag



    I also have reservations about AVB, but what did he do wrong yesterday?

    Sigg for Dempsey, I don't see that as negative, if anything Sigg is more attacking minded than Dempsey, no?

    I'm always a bit perplexed by substitutions on after 90ish mins and bringing Hudds on will never excite me, but Dembele is coming back from injury and maybe AVB just had a few concerns, I'd hardly class bring Hudds on, at that time in the game as negative and what other CM options do we have available?

    Ok, AVB looks a wally with his not book and seems to be a bit twitchy, plus he make some comments I don't agree with (after the goon game, what was he talking about?), but surely we have to be fair with him, I think he got it spot on yesterday. Imagine if we'd had Ade and Younes fit?

    We are yet to see our full strength team line up together and we definitely need to add some depth and quality in Jan!

    Credit where its due surely? Bale and AVB deserve some!