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  • Joe Joe Dec 4, 2012 16:54 Flag

    defoe, teddy & keane!

    Sheringham is a very different player to Defoe, IMO he is far better than both Defoe or Keane, but a direct comparison between Daffy and Teddy isn't fair, different players, different roles.

    SB, Teddy's real name is Edward.

    Defoe has his limitations, most of us could admit to that, however I rather have Defoe than Gervinho/Chamak/Giroud or Poldi, although Lukas is a much better player than the others he seems to pretty limited anywhere other than Koln! surely you, an educated footballing man would agree? no?! hey, this season he has been less than half as effective as Daffy. Poo indeed!

    Why is that Wenger buys players who play off a striker or 'in the hole' and then persist with starting them wide? Poldi, Arshavin, AOC!

    Why does Wenger believe he is beyond question? his recent interview was bizarre in the extreme! Whats his reasoning behind making a statement like that? any idea?!

    Where does your Yiddish brethren think we'll finish this season in relation to your goons?

    In summary no he is not poo! maybe your are projecting your faecal insecurities onto an inform striker who is only 1 goal away from being as poo as your previously beloved Van Persie, but at least your a better balanced team without him- ha ha, sorry I couldn't resist! How can goons delude themselves by stating you're better off without RVP?

    What would you give to get him back?

    What are your thoughts on Walcott leaving in Jan? Sagna, looks to be moving on as well! reckon they'll be replaced? can you afford to let them go? Jenkinson was torn a new one by Michu at the W.E. is he ready to be your 1st choice RB?

    So many questions for you Fab, do you think you can answer them all?- I bet you don't!



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    • The trouble with so many questions, is they take so many answers, which takes so much time! I sincerely never purposely evade a single question directed my way on the subject of Wenger and Arsenal.

      In brief, nobody wanted VP to leave Arsenal but the reasoning is that Arsenal had become VP reliant perhaps in much the same way they became Henry reliant in former years.

      Arsenal have a broader attack now and the hope is that will benefit the side, rather than the seemingly more single pronged with VP. If they ever get firing that is.

      That aside, VP is a scab. Much like a certain Adebayor! Arsenal ARE better off without the pair of them!!!

      I don't believe for one second that Wenger thinks he is beyond question Joe. I just think he realises he is viewing things from a more informed perspective than that of his detractors (and he is!). That said, i have no idea which 'statement' you refer to.

      Defoe may be in form today, but that makes a change huh? Better than the Arsenal forward line of late? I say judge them when they have settled and found their confidence Joe.

      Walcott leaving in Jan? That would be a shame on one hand but on another who wants a him if he is just digging for gold VP style? Will his form continue after he has sealed a new contract (wherever that may be?). That said, Walcott has shown in recent months just what he can do (always said he was better than Lennon!). WIll he be replaced? Of course he will. Everyone can be replaced Joe! Well.....except me that is.

      Jenkinson is a great little player, plucked from obscurity by the all knowing Wenger. A diamond still being cut from the rough!

      Finally Joe, what does my Yiddish brother think today???

      How would i know?

      He's still in hiding from the last time Arsenal SPANKED Spurs!!

      Know what i mean?