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  • Layla Layla Nov 27, 2012 21:49 Flag

    defoe, teddy & keane!

    well done to defoe for recently passing robbie keane & now teddy sheringham on spurs all time goalscorers list! he is now 8th!

    everytime he passes a player im going to annoy u all by starting a thread on it!

    didnt see much of teddy. but he looked classy in old clips!

    i liked keane in his younger days. still a clever player but i thought it was a mistake to buy him back as we had seen the best of him.
    will always love his celebration thou!

    next up for defoe is gilzean. iv heard of him but obviously he is well before my time!

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    • Sheringham was head and shoulders above the other two.

      I suppose if you hang around long enough you'll eventually surpass the goal tally of most.

      Defoe is pretty poo after all.

      Is he not?

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      • Sheringham is a very different player to Defoe, IMO he is far better than both Defoe or Keane, but a direct comparison between Daffy and Teddy isn't fair, different players, different roles.

        SB, Teddy's real name is Edward.

        Defoe has his limitations, most of us could admit to that, however I rather have Defoe than Gervinho/Chamak/Giroud or Poldi, although Lukas is a much better player than the others he seems to pretty limited anywhere other than Koln! surely you, an educated footballing man would agree? no?! hey, this season he has been less than half as effective as Daffy. Poo indeed!

        Why is that Wenger buys players who play off a striker or 'in the hole' and then persist with starting them wide? Poldi, Arshavin, AOC!

        Why does Wenger believe he is beyond question? his recent interview was bizarre in the extreme! Whats his reasoning behind making a statement like that? any idea?!

        Where does your Yiddish brethren think we'll finish this season in relation to your goons?

        In summary no he is not poo! maybe your are projecting your faecal insecurities onto an inform striker who is only 1 goal away from being as poo as your previously beloved Van Persie, but at least your a better balanced team without him- ha ha, sorry I couldn't resist! How can goons delude themselves by stating you're better off without RVP?

        What would you give to get him back?

        What are your thoughts on Walcott leaving in Jan? Sagna, looks to be moving on as well! reckon they'll be replaced? can you afford to let them go? Jenkinson was torn a new one by Michu at the W.E. is he ready to be your 1st choice RB?

        So many questions for you Fab, do you think you can answer them all?- I bet you don't!



    • Alan Gilzean was the prototype Berbatov..but with class! Very slick and stylish, great in the air (I think he practically invented the flick header...I don't remember near post corners before he came about (probably because I was too young! ;-) ), but he'd eat them up all day long. Wore No. 10 I think (correct me if I'm wrong gang!).

      Oh and another good win tonight (what the hecks Bale doing scoring own goals...I thought the idea of him on the wing was to keep him away from our goal (chuckle...kidding!).

    • It wont annoy us SB, because it will mean he's scoring, so the more totals he passes, GREAT. Interesting you mention Teddy, because I rated him as one of the best front men England have ever produced. If he had had pace, he would of been a world great IMO, but if ever a player played with his brain, it was Teddy. I know you like Daffy, but believe me if he had Sherry as a partner, he probably would be near the top of our all time scorers. { wonder if other's have different opinions ).