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  • Layla Layla Dec 2, 2012 10:36 Flag

    Another brace for Daffy!

    so pretty much agree with u john for a change.

    the problem is u get found out playing like this as we did against arsenal, wba, wigan, norwich etc

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    • Evening fellow Yids.

      OK,so it wasn't the best of performances from us ,but to be fair the same could be siad for Fulham.
      Both teams looked a tad tired from 2 games in 4/5 days and if you didn't kmow too much about Fulhamyou could be thinking they must be a decent side to get a draw at stamford bridge against a team of world class players,even though we all know that chelsea are stuttering at the mo,it's still a decent result.

      Thought both Dembele and Dempsey had reasonable games against thier former club and the surprise change for me was leaving Walker out for Naughton,which Fulham definately tried to capitalise on and it nearly worked had it not been for some good keeping from lloris.
      Sad to see Bale booked for diving,even though he was brought down quite clearly and had he not tried to make sure the ref saw it we would of still been given the foul.
      Lovely stike from Sandro and 2 decent finishes from Daffy,who's full of confidence at the miniute.
      Disappointing to see Daws and Bale limp off with hamstring injuries and hope for a speedy return for both,so maybe one more chance for Townsend to prove himself at lmf.

      Anyway nice to get the 3pts with a clean sheet to boot against a team that are often overlooked as just mid table.

      Got my tickets for the Panathinikos game on thursday and just hope we continue with our winning ways,with more goals from Daffy and maybe Ade.


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      • Well, I did see the game in the end(not the same watching a taped live game...you just want to fast forward to the best bits!
        So yes, once again 1st half, decent, second half, not so much! Fulham were knackered maybe...but unlike them, we had two midweek matches in a row (clean sheet draw away to Lazio the week before...which we followed with the win over West Ham...then got lucky for another mid-week win (or maybe Liverpool just aren't that good!) and followed it up with an away win to Fulham.

        Results are good, preformances are sketchy at best...but all things considered (we still haven't seen Scott Parker this season and our No. LB is out for goodness how long), so maybe we're just catching our purple patch early (maybe with everyone back fit and a sweet pick up in January we might be able to have both good performances and good results regardless of luck and bad calls and all the rest.