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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Dec 1, 2012 17:04 Flag

    Another brace for Daffy!

    I know he's got his detractors, but he's a Spurs player through and through...by his own admission he never wanted to go to Pompey when he did, and also by his own admission was delighted to get a second nibble in the lily white shirt...now he says he wants to end his career wih us...with all the chopping and changing of players for...more money, or more opprotunity, I doff my hat to the one we call Daffy!

    Game break down please, I didn't have a chance to check us out via online stream. It sounds like we did less and got gifted more in the second half...what was the real story?

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    • Odd - I've seen us get 9 points in 3 games and we're now sitting 4th - so why am I not ecstatic?

      Maybe it's still me, but I don't think I've seen a good performance yet. Yesterday wasn't dire, but it wasn't sparkling. The game could have gone either way until Sandro made something out of nothing - I would even say that Fulham had the best of the chances.

      Pool - how did we win that?

      I think I just was a performance that shows we deserve to be where we are - at the moment I feel that I'm just waiting for the bubble to burst.

      AVB could get 38 points at the halfway mark - unbelievable for the way that I think we've played.

      Just heard a stat on MoTD, we've made more defensive clearances (640+) than any other team in the EPL.

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      • so pretty much agree with u john for a change.

        the problem is u get found out playing like this as we did against arsenal, wba, wigan, norwich etc

      • yes can u imagine if harry gave him more of a chance last season! we would have cemented 3rd in april.

        sometimes u dont know a good thing when its staring u in the face. & that goes for spurs under appreciating defoe.

        had poor service. gets 2 chances, scores 2 goals.
        thats defoe all over!

        again another average performance. very lacklustre.
        the sandro goal came out of nowhere & was a bad keeper mistake. then defoe was clinical with 2 chances.
        we basically had 2 chances all game. defoe took them both.
        then theres the long range sandro goal.

        its really strange. we arent playing well but keep winning.
        in all 3 games i reckon we havent played well for longer than 20mins in any of those games.

        the problem is we will get found out against more clinical teams who dont gift us goals.

        but hey. 3 wins on the bounce. so im happy but not optimistic because of our average-poor performances.

        bad news with dawson & bale been out for a while.
        avb reckons 2 wks for bale & 1 wk for dawson but i think thats very optimistic if it is hamstring injury.

        im going to the swans game in 2wks, so really hope i get to see bale in full flow!

    • I think he can hit 30 goals this season. He is at his physical prime and has a manager who truly believes in him. coys