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  • JEFFALL JEFFALL Dec 3, 2012 19:11 Flag

    Ade no to ANC

    Evening fellow Yids.
    Some good pionts JL.
    With reference to the 1-1 up front situation,i wonder if he inherited this formation from Harry as he always seemed to play this with either Ade or Daffy with VDV behind and in all fairness it must work to a degree as we finished 4th and should have at least sealed 3rd.
    Personally i would much rather have Ade behind Daffy as he has much more to offer all round than Dempsey who IMO is not quite good enough for us and can see him getting plenty of bench time when Ade is available,:-ie next week.
    SOOOOOO looking forward to everyone being fit and available,AVB will think it's christmas every week.

    ATB....Jeffall SPURS FOREVER.....COYS

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    • Adebayor's match fitness etc has been shaky this season (as we've talked to death previously), and the Arsenal game was the second consecutive match we'd started 2 up front, so the implication is AVB's happy to tinker based on the opposition. Even if not, Defoe can't start every match we play (Europa, FA Cup, prem), so I'd say having another 'proper' senior striker is essential.

      So in Spurs terms it's got to be a good thing. For Ade, don't forget how difficult his international career's been since the shooting at ACN; I think I'm right in saying he's not played in that tournament since, and safety was his reason for retiring in 2010, albeit briefly, so you'd think the relationship with them would be important to him. I reckon it's more about principle than cash (it can't be worth that much money), and it's not an straightforward relationship with his FA, so he can be forgiven for seeming like a diva, as can anyone who was on that bus in 2010.

      It's up to a player whether or not they choose to represent their country; I'd like to see them all go old school and put country over club, but it's their call, and when it's that messy - and don't forget the impact of Togo's political situation - you can see why they might not.

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      • I agree NBR,

        It seems AVB will change line ups according to the opposition and the players we have available, IMO our best 11 has Ade and Defoe upfront.

        Even if AVB persists a with 1-1 up front, I'd rather we start Ade behind Defoe, instead of Dempsey or Sig.

        If AVB decides we will only ever start one or the other,having Ade rotating with Defoe or on the bench, rather than in Africa strengthens us no end!

        It has to be a very good thing for us that he's withdrawn himself from the Togo squad.