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  • Jlock Jlock Dec 10, 2012 11:11 Flag

    Ade no to ANC

    Well I completely misjudged AVB. I never expected him to play 2 up front away at Everton.

    Anyone see the game? The reports I've read so far seem to echo the other games this season - good for a bit, then not so good for a bit more.

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    • average & lacklustre again.

      the goal was a lucky deflection. we never looked like scoring till then.

      once again AVB doesnt learn from his mistakes!
      u cant go 1 up & then go ulta defensive in the premiership.

      u can get away with it if u are porto in the weak portguese league. but in the prem even the weakest teams will attack u & have enough quality to score.

      the amount of late goals we concede is very bad. avb gets the team to all go back & defend deep. we basically asked everton to attack us for the rest of the game!

      defoe & lennon off, hudd & falque on?! what did he think that would achieve. hudd is a liability defensively & cant keep the ball when put under pressure. falque isnt going to come on and keep the ball well or defend well.

      the ironic thing is we had a few break aways towards the end but there was no one there to finish the move off.
      he was sat on the bench!

      im not looking foward to going to the match against the swans on sunday. if we go 1 up avb will stick 11 men behind the ball & beg the swans to attack us until the final whistle.
      then if they nick a late goal, he will be like oh we were unlucky to concede a late goal!
      he has said that about 8 times already this season!
      talk about learning slowly!

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      • A bit harsh in your assessment I think SB.True we didnt play well up front, with neither Daffy or Ade contributeing much in attack, whether through lack of service or their lack of all control when passes did go in to them. It seems AVB is going to be blamed every time he makes a substitution regardless to the fact Daffy and Lennon looked a bit jaded after Thursday. If you look at the reason we conceded the first goal, it had nothing to do with the subs. It was clear ( and audable ) that Lloris had an easy pick up until Cauker decided to kick the ball out whereas we could of wasted a little time and get control of the ball for awhile. We all know players tend to drop deep in games near the end when winning, but it doesnt mean they have been told to. Look at most games we have lost and it has been mostly player errors than tactical where teams have opened us up. As you know we dont have a bench of game changing players, so its pretty much like for like changes more times than not. All IMO of course.