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  • Joe Joe Dec 3, 2012 09:40 Flag

    Ade no to ANC

    Here I go talking to myself again!

    Apparently it (talking to oneself) is the first sign of madness?! And madness is the first sign of genius?!

    I heard a report on the Radio this morning which caught my ear:


    If Ade had attended the ANC, I'd be concerned about our prospects, despite Defoes great form he cannot do it alone. With Ade we look a different team and have so many more options in attack, he was pivotal last season and with Defoe in a rich vein of form, our options look good (as soon as Ade returns from his ban).

    I don't agree with his reasons for not playing (money owed to him by the Togo FA?) how much more does he need? may be its the principle of the matter not the cash itself? I'll be glad to keep hold of him throughout the darkest of months!


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    • Benteke has impressed many, but without him Villa are relegation fodder and I think they know it!

      Would Lukaku be available? What with the Chavs just signing Ba, they may let him go?! He has been awesome for WBA, I'd be happy if we went in for him.

      IMO we need someone! but who?!

      SB, no doubt you'll have an opinion on this!


    • I've never been a fan of Ade, and was disappointed when we signed him full time. His body language so far does not look good to me, and IMO, is classic Ade, " under contract=under performances ". Hopefully it will spur us into getting a striker in now, but as you say, who?. Surprised Chelsea got Ba so easily, without much opposition from us and other club's, but would of been ideal. Wonder if it's worth making a profitable bid to Villa for Benteke?

    • Fair bit of whinging going on amongst you guys which I find a bit surprising really. For me Spurs are doing exceptionally well and right up there amongst it again.
      New manager in there who seems to be surprising a few people, including me. I said at the outset he'd need at least 18 months to get the ship on even keel, he's ahead of that, so looking forward to see what he does or is allowed to do this month.

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      • Well put H,

        AVB has done well in terms of results and league position. A few people have criticised the performance of the team, with some reason, we haven't been as fluid as last season, but we have lost integral players who allowed us to play that way. IMO we are doing exceptionally well 'considering'!

        Now.... any chance you can have a word a pull a few NE strings, Surely Huddlestone, Jenas, Bentley and Gomes would improve Newcastle or Sunderland? Ok maybe Middlesborough are more their level! see what you can do!


    • Make you mind up Ade!


      This leaves us with Defoe and Dempsey as our striking options, IMO we need to strengthen up front, but who? people are linking us with Llorente, I just can't see that happen, not with the other clubs who are also being linked and the wages required.

      I was surprised to see that we have a better win % this season without Ade!


    • fair enough. but for the record i didnt even mention sig as a bad sub decision.

      it wasnt a paticularly tricky pass from hudd for the goal was it thou!

      also, if its the players just going back themselves & ignoring avb, then surely somethings wrong.

      there should be a stewards enquiry remmah!

      at least 6 times this season we have gone ultra defensive when in the lead & everytime the players are choosing to do this themselves!

      whats going on at the lane. the players just doing what they want & ignoring avb.

      so he has already lost the players. they just ignore what he says & go ultra defensive despite AVBs instructions.

      we are in a bigger mess than i thought remmah.
      thanks for opening my eyes!

    • A-Men Remmah,

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who's all doom and misery!

      I thought Sig's effort was pretty impressive.

      We are without 3 players (BAE, Unit and Parker) who were starting 11 last season. Its time for a bit more faith, understanding and optimism IMO!


    • I hear what your saying about Hudds, ( if you bring him on as fresh legs, how do you tell ? lol ), but he did lay on the ball for Dempsey to score, and Siggy very nearly got the second when he hit the bar, so again I dont think they can be classed as defensive subs ( if he put Livermore and naughton, then yes ). My main point was it's often player error's costing us. I'm open minded about AVB at the moment, and obviously he has a lot to learn, but yes, I think he probably is getting the most he can out of the player's available at any given time until he get's a full squad to pick from, then I would be more critical if there was no marked improvement in our overall play. As I say, it's just my opinion's and I respect your's and you may well be proved right come the end of the season. I hope you enjoy V-Swans, and you can let us know if you see AVB calling everone back behind the ball, or whether it's the player's.

    • Do you think it makes that much difference for the EPL games, apart from having a bit more depth on the bench?

      From what I've seen AVB, like the rest that follow the trend, seems to favour a 1-1 upfront rather than 2 (or maybe he was forced down that route because he has largely only had 1 striker available). If that is the case (ie AVB favours 1-1), then I can't see him dropping Daffy unless he hits a barren spell.

      It's not as though Daffy hasn't been scoring - so it belies the 'Daffy can't play as a lone striker bit'. The team just seem to me to play narrower to get closer to and accommodate him.

      So where would Ade then fit, even if he doesn't go? Do you think AVB would drop Dempsey/Sig and play a two up front?

      Presumably we'll see in the games against Swansea and Stoke. I can't see AVB playing 2 up front at Everton this weekend.

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      • Well I completely misjudged AVB. I never expected him to play 2 up front away at Everton.

        Anyone see the game? The reports I've read so far seem to echo the other games this season - good for a bit, then not so good for a bit more.

      • Evening fellow Yids.
        Some good pionts JL.
        With reference to the 1-1 up front situation,i wonder if he inherited this formation from Harry as he always seemed to play this with either Ade or Daffy with VDV behind and in all fairness it must work to a degree as we finished 4th and should have at least sealed 3rd.
        Personally i would much rather have Ade behind Daffy as he has much more to offer all round than Dempsey who IMO is not quite good enough for us and can see him getting plenty of bench time when Ade is available,:-ie next week.
        SOOOOOO looking forward to everyone being fit and available,AVB will think it's christmas every week.

        ATB....Jeffall SPURS FOREVER.....COYS