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  • Jlock Jlock Dec 7, 2012 11:21 Flag

    Another win...

    That's fine. Maybe I should have qualified 'do'. I saw a marked difference between Daffy and Ade last night. I don't recall Daffy touching the ball more than a half dozen times. Ade was dropping, pick up the ball - and generally trying to bring others into play - he was more involved from my perspective.
    Maybe that was also an illusion given by what the cameras showed, I don't know.

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    • As I've stated before, the reason we are not controlling game's this season, is down to the lack of quality in our midfield. IMO Sandro is one of our most important player's, but also one of the worst for giving the ball away by trying to twist and turn, and keeping the ball far to long, instead of passing quickly like Parker would do. Then we have Dempsey playing out of position in midfield, where he is to slow and get's tackled to easily. ( last night he played in his normal position and looked a different player, and showed that he can be a decent player ) Siggy, I just dont think he is good enough ( bought on a few good games for Swansea while on loan, so not really proven ). The point with Daffy, is he has always been an out and out striker, give him the service and he will score, whereas Ade is more of a team player, will help link play, but will not get any where near the amount of goal's Daffy will get given regular start's. So all in all, I dont see us playing fluent football until we get Moutino, Willian, or the like in the squad.

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      • remmah, 100% agree with u again!

        there is no flow or balance in the middle of the park without a playmaker like modric. moutinho or look out for banega of valencia. very good playmakers.

      • Rem,
        I keep hearing this about Daffy - and I've asked SB loads of times.
        Can you show me when in Daffy's career that he has scored loads of goals? He's 30. I don't dispute, and haven't ever, that he will score. But his record is 'average'. Maybe this season he'll score 30 - maybe. But he hasn't got close to it before - ever.
        As for Ade not getting near, I think Ade hit 17 with something like 11 assists last season. Daffy scored 18 (and I keep repeating this - 5 of those in one game) in his best season so far.
        If he hasn't played regular football, is there then a reason? Surely, given England current dearth of strikers, he would have no competition. But a raft of England managers don't 'fancy' him - and when Jol and 'arry had other options for Spurs, he wasn't first choice.

        I still don't dispute that Daffy will score - and I don't think AVB will drop him at the moment either given his run of form. But if he hits a couple of games without a goal, then I think Ade fits better instead. (Put it this way, I'd rather have Ade playing and not scoring than Daffy playing and not scoring - and I rather have Ade playing and scoring than Daffy...etc).