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  • Jlock Jlock Dec 7, 2012 13:56 Flag

    Another win...

    Is it that difficult to find when Daffy scored loads?

    I'll give you a hand - look here:

    Just point me at the seasons where he scored loads.The records show him playing 30+ games per season on quite a few occasions and scoring roughly about 14-15 per season on average. Two seasons he hit 18 BUT one of those was based on 5 against Wigan - he then 'dried' up towards the end of the season.

    I keep repeating - I KNOW he scores - but he's BEEN average. No different to Keane or Berbatov - they weren't prolific either - BUT they did form an effective partnership - and both offered more than Daffy on the team front - as Ade does.

    You can keep calling me dumb as much as you like - so prove me dumb, by showing where he's been proven to be a prolific scorer.

    I don't 'hate' it when we score in the slightest. I've seen enough players come and go - some I like and some I don't - BUT - I just want the club to do well. So if Daffy scores a hatful, that's fine by me - BUT I still wouldn't play Daffy - and the style of striker he is over an Ade or a Berbatov or even a Keane. They all had more to their game - and scored as many goals or provided more assists (even VdV was comparable to Daffy in goals/assists - I would also guess that Bales is as well).