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  • Jlock Jlock Dec 7, 2012 09:09 Flag

    Another win...

    I'm still no more positive, even though we've just progressed in the Europa.
    I still haven't seen a performance that warrants the results we've been getting. That's my main concern - as I feel at some stage the bubble will burst unless AVB can get the team to start playing as a team for more than 20 minutes at a time. The results seem to make it look like everything is rosy, but, and maybe it's me, I would like the performances to match the results more (I don't care about the odd game where we win when we don't deserve it - but it seems to me to be the trend at the moment)

    We seem to get one player playing well and then another's performance drops off. At least Dempsey is starting to get a run of 'better' games together.

    OK we missed Bale last night, but we can't be a team based on one player - and the whole point of a squad is to cater for injuries and players missing for whatever reason.

    I know Daffy will get vaunted because he scored again - and he is on a goal scoring run, but still he just doesn't 'do' enough for me.

    Maybe the 'performance' turning point will be the next game...

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    • Sorry but being at the game last night and watching Defo while off the ball his works so hard all game! This is why he is scoring he is constantly making runs and causing problems for the defense, just because 90% of what he does is off camera doesn't mean he is doing nothing ;)

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      • That's fine. Maybe I should have qualified 'do'. I saw a marked difference between Daffy and Ade last night. I don't recall Daffy touching the ball more than a half dozen times. Ade was dropping, pick up the ball - and generally trying to bring others into play - he was more involved from my perspective.
        Maybe that was also an illusion given by what the cameras showed, I don't know.

      • well said nick. the amount of great runs defoe makes is superb.
        his movement is great.

        also his link up play has improved hugely over the last few years. he is an accurate passer & could do good little through balls. he has improved his upper body strength which is why he can score goals like the 1st 1 against the hammers.

        the thing is he was hot last year when he played, he was just criminally under used by harry. which in the was a big reason why we got 4th & not 3rd.

        but as john said, somehow we keep playing average-poor but still pick up results.

        u cant keep doing that. great teams win when they play badly, but they also play well for most of the time!

        i really dont fancy us against everton away! especially the way we are playing & the fact we only have a full 2 days off.

    • SB,
      Is it that difficult to find when Daffy scored loads?

      I'll give you a hand - look here:

      Just point me at the seasons where he scored loads.The records show him playing 30+ games per season on quite a few occasions and scoring roughly about 14-15 per season on average. Two seasons he hit 18 BUT one of those was based on 5 against Wigan - he then 'dried' up towards the end of the season.

      I keep repeating - I KNOW he scores - but he's BEEN average. No different to Keane or Berbatov - they weren't prolific either - BUT they did form an effective partnership - and both offered more than Daffy on the team front - as Ade does.

      You can keep calling me dumb as much as you like - so prove me dumb, by showing where he's been proven to be a prolific scorer.

      I don't 'hate' it when we score in the slightest. I've seen enough players come and go - some I like and some I don't - BUT - I just want the club to do well. So if Daffy scores a hatful, that's fine by me - BUT I still wouldn't play Daffy - and the style of striker he is over an Ade or a Berbatov or even a Keane. They all had more to their game - and scored as many goals or provided more assists (even VdV was comparable to Daffy in goals/assists - I would also guess that Bales is as well).

    • Rem,
      I don't think I buy into 'everyone had a downer on Daffy'. 'Arry bought him on umpteen occasions, so obviously liked him a lot.
      I would expect that any striker, if they were that good over a career, to see that reflected in their stats - over the seasons.

      You just don't see it in Daffy's (or Keane's for that matter - and very few recent Spurs strikers) - non one recently has been prolific. AND that is what I have said from the outset - so when Daffy doesn't score (and that has happened on quite a few occasions) he lends little else - and I would guess that is what the managers have also seen. I don't pick the teams - Jol, 'arry, Santini and AVB have been doing so - so if I'm being dumb, then so are a few others

      When was Daffy a regular starter for England? Isn't the same thing seen at country level?