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  • Joe Joe Dec 8, 2012 21:52 Flag


    I'm feelin' slightly more optimistic about this than you two.

    A lot will depend on who we have available. IMO our chances are decent enough as long as we have Bale, Daws, Sandro and Moussa D starting. Despite Dempsey having a couple of good games recently, I'd still rather AVB started with Defoe and Ade.

    Any word on Kaboul or BAE coming back? IMO our strongest CB pairing would be Kaboul and Vertonghen, which I can't wait to see. IMO Naughton has done OK (considering he's not a natural LB, but IMO BAE will make a difference on his return. I'd be looking for a LB in Jan if the budget allowed it.

    SB=21- 1-3 fellani
    Remmah=16- 1-2 Bain's
    Joe=13- 3-2 Jermaine Defoe (He's a Yido)
    Berks Yid=5-

    I'm probably talking to myself again! why break the habit of a life time!


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    • joe,i think your foolish optimisim is highlighted in how quick u think our injured players are coming back.

      its well known bale is out for at least another week, yet u mention us having a good chance if he plays today.
      there was never any chance of him playing today!

      & a few months ago u mentioned kaboul playing despite it being commen knowledge he was going to be out for around 4 months & not play again till after xmas.

      im waiting for lennon to break his leg on the stroke of half time.
      then have u saying we should still win if lennon reappears for the 2nd half!

      your another planet sometimes joe lol.

      • 1 Reply to Layla
      • Doom and misery, doom, doom doom! oh no its just another SB post!

        Clearly I don't have your powers of telepathy. Hamstring injuries are very unpredictable, sometimes they can keep players out for months on occasions its days, I haven't read how long Bale's been struck off for.

        Players return early sometimes, I've not heard anything on BAE and Kabouls possible return date in many weeks, so forgive me for asking, I see them as extremely important players and think we will be significantly strengthened on their return, so the sooner the better, hey?

        Fingers crossed Lennon stays fit, he's been one of our most consistent performers and broken legs are no laughing matter young lady! they bloody hurt and fook your head up!

        There is nothing wrong with optimism, its far less energy sapping than endless negativity and doom mongering!

        Go on! give it a try, have a smile! I promise its easier than you think, lol