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  • Joe Joe Dec 14, 2012 14:49 Flag

    Late Goals

    SB you are a provocative little mynx! is it intentional? if it is well done! I find it amusing and hope that is the way it is intended.

    Remmah, You are not deluded! you are considered and thorough in the way you construct your arguments (to me at least), please keep em' coming.

    I agree with your and NBR's assessment, I feel each of NBR's points contribute towards the results and performances we see each week. I too agree things are not all rosey and perfect and there are areas which need addressing.

    I feel 2, 3 and 4 are the biggest contributors, 5 possibly (feels like I'm ordering a chinese), but differentiating between point 5 and accurately assessing our opponents capabilities is tricky, I feel there are many teams that we expect to beat that we shouldn't necessarily. This is a tough league with many good managers.

    Each of those points is valid and cannot be proven or otherwise, without inside knowledge to the club, which as far as I know none of us has! which is why Lynching AVB at this stage seems like lunacy to me. It nice to see I'm not the only one who thinks he may not be the sole reason for our current form/style of play.

    FFS we lost Luka, VDV and King in one window, how can anyone think we can carry on as normal after that? even if the players we brought in reach that level (which I doubt they will) its daft to expect it to happen immediately.

    Great Post NBR, ney, fudging awesome post NBR! Your last 2 paragraphs are superb IMO of course!


    SB! Positivity- its Xmas!

    Mistletoe anyone?!

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    • Is the defence leaking goals later, or is the defence just flakier in general, and when we go ahead (which has been in couple of games, later in the 2nd half), we try to then defend the lead - exposing the defence? Maybe that's due to a lack of confidence in our ability to press home an advantage?

      I haven't liked Verigo at LB, and I haven't seen a centre partnership that was as solid as last season - and Walker seemed to go bush (walk-about) early on (I don't think he was as bad as the media portrayed, but he did seem to lack even more in his defensive abilities). Then factor that Parker wasn't there in front of the back four snapping at heels - and maybe that's all it's been.
      With Parker, Benoooooit and Kaboul all due to come back - I think they'll make a major difference. Here's hoping anyway!

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      • Hmm, I'm not sure. I think you're right that they're 3 important players to come back, but isn't that saying that we don't have the necessary quality in depth? Obviously you don't get players like that benchwarming, but you can have a smart rotation policy with top players to allow for more depth than we have at the moment.

        Also, is it a 'defense' or a 'defending' problem? i.e. back four (and holding mid) or the team as a whole aren't able to play defensively effectively? I'd be inclined to lean towards the latter, but that's a long term Spurs trait, and one in some ways I quite like - I loved the "you score 3 and we'll score 4" mentality. I wonder if we've had too quick a switch from more of that style to trying to actually defend when necessary - we absolutely should, but it's almost like we're trying to play in that style to learn the skill instead of the other way round.

        I find it incredible (not sure if in a good way or a bad one) that Dawson, who was nearly sold, is now captain when he starts - it's crazy that (or so it implies, anyway) he's still leading the dressing room even when he's bottom rung choice. I'm really curious to see what might happen in January given the impact he's had as a player who was apparently surplus to requirements.