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    Late Goals

    So, if football matches were only 80 minutes we'd be top of the table... we've all seen it, we've all cringed at it, we all know that this time last year(? possibly the one before) we were the team scoring then, not conceding, but why do you think we're doing it?

    The options as I see them are:

    1) The fitness is too low, players are too tired by the last 10 mins.
    2) We don't have strength in depth of the squad, therefore a few injuries and/or substitutions and we're down to players who aren't good enough.
    3) We have strong squad players, but not the *right* positions - much like the last few years when we had approximately 3468698544 midfielders and half a defender.
    4) Unfamiliar/unsuited tactics: AVB still implementing a different style/AVB's philosophy doesn't match the players
    5) Bad tactics: management being outwitted by opposition
    6) There's something else I think is contributing, I can't remember what...
    7) Anything else?

    Personally, I think it's predominantly a mix of the massive whittling of the squad this summer combined with the adjustment to a very new 'regime' still not having completed, a new regime which I'm not sure many of our players are suited to. That said, I've started to see a light at the end of the tunnel with that, as I mentioned around the Arsenal game - the result was awful but the intent was there. I also wonder if fitness/change in training habits might have something to do with it; the team generally hasn't seemed as sharp this season, although there were elements of it last season too.

    I think we've got an unfortunate matching of reducing the number of quality squad players at the same time as new management (I think 'Arry at the right approach to joining in that he got to know all the players before making changes, so it was a gradual transition for them), but I think we knew at the start of the season it was going to take a while to adjust.

    What do you reckon?

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    • I think you are quite right to take an element of all the " reasons " you have listed as to the probable cause for our performances to date nbr I personally think no2 is the largest factor this season, combined with the " right position " point in no3 in most game's so far played.

      SB, I dont see where you got the impression that " I dont think we have problems from ", because I can see many problems from board level to coaching/player level. I just dont solely put it down to AVBs tactics and subs, and his supposed instructions to sit deep and be " ultra " defensive as you put it. I dont know because i'm not privvy to hear his team talks, although pretty much all teams in the PL will sit on a slender lead especially in close fought games, so I dont see why we shouldnt be expected to do the same, ( we're just not good at it ) but I think he is trying to instill a more resillient edge to the team. Some are putting it all down to the manager and have from day one, whereas like nbr I see other possibillities than to simplify it all down to bad management, which you must admit doe's come across as your biggest arguement to our performances. I remember one of my first post's on here when you said I was " deluded " and maybe I still am, but not to the extent of thinking we should automatically be top 4 with this squad as some pundit's seem to think.

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      • SB you are a provocative little mynx! is it intentional? if it is well done! I find it amusing and hope that is the way it is intended.

        Remmah, You are not deluded! you are considered and thorough in the way you construct your arguments (to me at least), please keep em' coming.

        I agree with your and NBR's assessment, I feel each of NBR's points contribute towards the results and performances we see each week. I too agree things are not all rosey and perfect and there are areas which need addressing.

        I feel 2, 3 and 4 are the biggest contributors, 5 possibly (feels like I'm ordering a chinese), but differentiating between point 5 and accurately assessing our opponents capabilities is tricky, I feel there are many teams that we expect to beat that we shouldn't necessarily. This is a tough league with many good managers.

        Each of those points is valid and cannot be proven or otherwise, without inside knowledge to the club, which as far as I know none of us has! which is why Lynching AVB at this stage seems like lunacy to me. It nice to see I'm not the only one who thinks he may not be the sole reason for our current form/style of play.

        FFS we lost Luka, VDV and King in one window, how can anyone think we can carry on as normal after that? even if the players we brought in reach that level (which I doubt they will) its daft to expect it to happen immediately.

        Great Post NBR, ney, fudging awesome post NBR! Your last 2 paragraphs are superb IMO of course!


        SB! Positivity- its Xmas!

        Mistletoe anyone?!

    • good post NBR.

      its a huge problem for us.

      joe & remmah will have u believe there isn't a problem!