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  • Layla Layla Dec 13, 2012 20:00 Flag


    SB=22- 2-2 michu
    Berks Yid=5-

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    • SB=22-2-2 michu
      Remmah=18-2-0 Defoe
      Berks Yid=5-

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      • How was the game SB? Enjoyable I hope?

        I watched MOTD and caught some other highlights online, we seemed to completely dominate the first half, apparently 85% of play had been in the Swansea half by half time.

        I have criticised AVB's persistence with Gallas in the past as I'd rather we bring Caulker on and give Daws a starting role, but from what I saw, I was proved wrong, he looked quality, making the right decisions at the right time. Winning the ball on the half way line or in the Swans half, the intervention he made against Michu was top class IMO.

        Someone suggested we play Dembele further forward, IMO that would be well worth a try, he is so comfortable on the ball and able to breeze past players with ease, I'd like to see him given a 'in the hole'.

        I was delighted to Parker come on, hopefully his recovery will see less and less reliance on Hudds, who must be 4-5 choice CM? Hopefully! Not meaning to deride the guy, but he's just not one of my fave's.

        On another day Defoe could have got 2 at least, Ade seemed a little quiet, lets hope the limp he was carrying isn't serious.

        What do others think about giving Townsend and some of the other younger players more opportunities? he looked good yesterday and as opposed to playing Dempsey wide left, it might make more sense to let Townsend have a run?

        What happened at the end? from the highlights I saw the game seemed to be being played in the right spirit. Sandro's early challenge was hard but fair and IMO great to see (from our perspective), but when Michu went down under Lloris' challenge everything seemed to get a little sour, what was Livermore doing on the pitch? and why didn't AVB/SF stop him? Not good!

        I am a little worried by the number of chances we made with no end result, Defoe and Ade didn't seem to be in full swing, so maybe that explains it, but on another day against another team, we could have been made to regret those missed opportunities!

        Another striker in Jan or not?

        Should another CM be the priority? Moutinho maybe?

        IMO we need a leader, Daws maybe the man for the job, but if he's only playing 1 in 3 games, we need another leader.


    • I hope you enjoy the game SB, I understand you have tickets for this fixture?

      Well I think you should expect to see a good footballing display, the Sawn's have been impressive and they will let us play.


      SB=22- 2-2 michu
      Joe=13- 2-1 Defoe
      Berks Yid=5-

      Any News on Bale, BAE, Kaboul, Parker? can we expect them back soon? ha ha ha ha ha- ever the optimist! Don't bite SB, I just joshing with ya, me old china!

      But in all seriousness we have been without 3 of those players all season, who were integral to us last season!