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  • Dogstar Dogstar Dec 20, 2012 14:04 Flag

    Nice positive perspective

    Hmm, people assuming that Parker and BAE will settle back into the squad but I'm concerned about their lack of match fitness. BAE especially who we know can be prone to error/lapse in concentration. Kaboul will be out for a while longer so let's hope Daws gets back soon because we need him in the team ahead of Gallas (I've been a fan of his but think his legs are now gone).

    It'd be interesting to see whether Parker does make the first team back, but I'd never play a central midfield partnership of Sandro and Parker - both men effectively doing the same job, never works. Dembele should have nothing to fear because he adds that bit of class we need going forward - everything went through him the first half v Swansea.

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    • I would think Parker would get the last 20-30 minutes to ease him back to match fitness, then Sandro could do with a rest having played during the summer at the Olympics. If Daws is fit, then I would play him over Gallas against Stoke's big player's.

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      • Horses for courses!

        I agree with Remmah, Daws will offer more aerial protection than Gallas IMO and therefore should get the nod against Stoke.

        Glenn, I have a similar opinion to you regarding Gallas, his best years are definitely behind him and I'd rather we bring Caulker on and give Daws more game time, that said Gallas was superb against Swansea, winning the ball high up the pitch keeping them inside their own half, he was sublime in that game IMO. This will probably be his last season for us, who ever replaces him it will have to be a ball playing CB as opposed to a brutish lump! Sawnseas Davis has looked good, but maybe we need more proven quality.

        Kaboul and BAE will take a while to be back to full fitness, but they offer us more options, currently Vertonghen is being moved about too often IMO, he should be the rock of our CB pairing. BAE can be a little flakey, but he also offers more than Naughton going forward IMO. I rate Younes highly and IMO pairing him with Vert would be our best CB partnership.

        A fit Dembele would be the first player on the team sheet for me and I'd prefer to see Sandro start over Parker as I think he has more to his game, however if Dembele is injured I'd start Parker and Sandro, allowing Sandro more freedom. I wouldn't rule out starting Parker and Sandro, with Dembele behind a lone striker. I think he played in that role for Fulham occasionally. More than likely Parker will work in rotation for Sandro and will halt our reliance on Hudds, who IMO offers very little.

        No doubt stoke will do their best impression of a rugby league team this weekend, watch for the shirt pulling and the penalty box wrestling! 3 sports in 1, nobody can say Stoke don't offer value for money. Agricultural Football, yes I am a Stoke-ist!

        I predict a narrow Spurs win 2-1, with Bale returning and scoring the winner!