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  • Joe Joe Dec 20, 2012 17:03 Flag

    Predictions Stoke

    In SB's apparent absence, I thought I'd do the honours!

    Joe=14- 2-1 Bale
    Berks Yid=5-

    Possibly not the best game for Bale and Daws to return from injury for! Stoke play football how most people fight! more elbows thrown than at a Metallica concert!

    A small part of me admires Fellaini for doing to Shawcross what he does to most strikers/midfielders most weeks! maybe he shouldn't have been so blatant about it though!

    Yes, I'm Stoke-ist!


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    • SB=22-
      Remmah=19-3-2 Crouch
      joe=14-2-1 Bale
      Berks Yid=5-

    • Fellaini's a big old thug, he drives me crazy - he's talented enough to not 'need' to cheat like that.

      I have spoken.

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      • NBR,

        You have spoken and the masses, well, I! have listened!

        I agree, Fellaini is good enough to not have to rely on physicality. He's a very good player who I'd love to see play for our might lily whites!

        Last year he committed more fouls than any other player in the league and was fouled more! I think he's a player who is always targeted by opponents, especially in set pieces, but no doubt he's a littler bit nasty! the elbows thrown at Shawcross, were more nasty than the head-butt, which Shawcross made the most of IMO.

        I think 'Thug' might be better reserved for Michael Brown, Charlie Adam, Lee Clattermole and Huth! they may as well be MME fighters! did anyone see the Leeds V Chavs game? I though Brown was going to hospitalise Lampard with a few of those challenges.

        With team's like Stoke in the league, this kind of behaviour will continue! I would put money on Pulis coaching various methods of cheating during his sessions, what hope is there for our national game when this is encouraged inside one of EPL teams!

        COYS! Footballing justice dictates we must win!