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  • Layla Layla Dec 22, 2012 17:02 Flag

    stoke dire draw! we are still waiting avb!

    after another lucklustre performance under avb, we are still waiting for good fluent attacking football.

    for whatever reason, avb just cant seem to get us playing good football.

    we rarely make good chances.

    so far under avb he hasn't got us playing good football. he seems to have run out of ideas & its not even xmas yet.

    dire performance again today under avb.
    its just like he prays for a goal out of the blue.
    if that doesn't happen then we don't win!
    great plan avb!

    maybe the best thing for us is if we keep under performing & then levy will be forced to sack avb & get in a manager who actually knows what he is doing!

    older fans tell me spurs is all about playing entertaining good football.
    someone forgot to tell avb!

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