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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Dec 29, 2012 23:01 Flag

    Just returned

    Agreed BY - I was pleasantly surprised by the signing; Friedel's a good professional, and a realist (his age).

    Another good win today also (Sunderland away...I've been singing "Jingle Bells" based on our last to games).

    But instead of Noel for the next game I'll be singing the dirge, No-Bale (another ref's decision going against us...contact in two places on that "dive"...should have been a penalty).

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    • Welcome back BY!

      I have to agree with you re Bale! He was incredibly un-lucky to be booked for that challenge, sadly he has developed a name for himself, with reason. In the past he has gone down too easily, now he is never given the benefit of the doubt.

      In Europe, he'd be glorified for it!